Wow, it’s been like years since I last posted. But I kept on getting updates through my email of what’s happening in this blog and surprised by the activity despite years of dormancy. Thank you for appreciating this blog. m(_ _)m I’ll try my best to answer your questions; at least I owe you this.


P.S. I’m not a good-for-nothing citizen anymore, a.k.a. gainfully employed and paying taxes to our shitty government, so I didn’t had time to update the stuff here in my blog. Didn’t have much time for animus either. But I started some hobbies while I’m away. I took on photography more seriously and started gunpla building (more like collecting at this point). Also, went back to being a bookworm. Might as well start sharing those. :)

I created a new blog for a fresh start. This time purely personal.


deleted that one. hahaha. tumblr is to inflexible.

Im now using :D

It has been a while since I last updated this blog. >.<

Happy new year btw. Hope you had a great start this year.

2010 will be a busy year for me — busier than 2009. Aside from the fact that I’ll be graduating this April from college, I have to study for six months and pass the boards by October. Then comes my most feared chapter of my life, I have to find a decent job and start living on my own. I just hope someone will hire me an give me a decent salary. hahaha.

In lieu to that, I’ve decided to discontinue some things I offer thru this blog which were born out of my boredom — coz apparently, I will not be bore anymore. ehehehe. With all those things that I have to do, honestly, I can’t even eat meals on time.  I only have Mondays as my free day, since I’m also attending review classes on Saturdays and Sundays. [7am-5pm] T^T so I apologize for those requests that I was not able to work on. Im not going to posts line-ups anymore, just check moonphase or for that matter.

bye. going to sleep now. [it’s morning already actually] XD

im not really back from my hiatus but i wanted to work on the vocaloid song requests that piled up already, so im dropping by my blog for today. XD

my schedule is still virtually suicidal — always busy — even got sick many time due to stress. God has forsaken me! lol nuf of the dramu.

anyway, check the vocaloid page. i uploaded some songs. though not all of the requests, but im working on the rest of the requests already. just had to get some sleep since it’s 2:30am in my clock. heehee

good night. ^^

maybe you noticed already the new widget I added in this blog’s sidebar. That’s the socialvibe widget, a new addition to

quoting Raanan Bar-Cohen:

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