While doing my routine tasks of cooking and preparing my breakfast, a bang on my door caught my attention. As a normal human, I started speculating what caused that noise. So as to end the dubiety, I went to the scene. LOLz. And what I saw put an end to the monotony of a supposed to be normal day in my apartment.

A child [between 8-10 y/o] fainted in front of my door. A bunch of tricycle drivers, who were early working in the streets, helped him regain his consciousness. What first entered my mind is that this child has not eaten and was really hungry. So I rushed to the kitchen and get any food that I could put my hand on — the newly cooked egg, the leftover rice from last night, hot dogs that I just cooked earlier. I went back to the child and gave him what I prepared. At the event he saw me holding a plateful of food, he started crying. He told me he hasn’t eaten for a day. I talked to him while he was finishing the plate. I don’t know but I really like children. I think I fell in love with their simple sincere smiles and voices. Well back to the story, I watched him and as I realized that he’s wearing dirty clothes and worn out slippers i remembered the rest of the batang palaboy in the places that i’ve been — the tagapunas-ng-sapatos children in front of PCMC, palaboy sa Luneta, sampaguita vendors who are mostly children less than 10 years old. The world is so harsh to these children. I pity them yet I feel so useless every time I see one. For this day, I thank God for giving me this another chance of helping that poor kid. I let him stay in my apartment until he regained his energy, but before he left we ate ice cream together. :) It was fun to be with someone like him. He lives in Cubao. Cubao is a bit far from my place; so I rented a taxi and asked the driver to make sure he reaches home safely. And he never failed to say thank you. [oh how good of him, that I really wanted to cry at that point. T.T]