Why I like this forum, even if my Mom would shout at me when she sees me posting here? even if my parents would restrict me from accessing “unecessary” sites in the net? even if my studies and academic load would hinder me? even if my parents don’t want my otakuness?

ahehe. end of drama. serious mode.

I like the people here. it’s not the forum alone that makes this forum different from a typical forum. It’s the bond between the people here, the friendships and special “friendships” *cough* *cough* that has sprouted in every page, the time shared, the life stories and the lessons learned. These things make this forum a place that anyone would go back to.

This forum gave me the freedom I’ve been hoping for. The freedom to express myself. The freedom to exercise my right to be heard, to share my ideas and gave me the chance to impart my knowledge to others. The “intelligent” humor in thread discussions, I love this a lot! XD

Here, I can be who I really am. I guess this is pretty self-explanatory. XP

I met my little brother. I love you lil brother! My [kanya-kanyang ate na. XP biro lang] Ate endoh. and my other Ates and kuyas.

Andito si Marvin. ahehe. XP na kalaro ko lang dati sa “insert Coin” game. hahaha!

And not the last but the most important, in this forum I am loved [am I? ahehe] [I found my love. woot!] and loved. For many years I sought love and here I found the most genuine of the genuine [hehe Razz] here. Thanks people. I am thankful to God that I am part of this family. Thank you. Smile