The years of hard work and lives spent for the realization of a nation everyone dreamed of are (partially) wasted with the cyclical turn of time and history. Indeed, our nation needs to be rebuilt and Dr. Nemenzo gave some ways he deem useful in attaining this goal in his lecture last Friday.
An old man with a cane, Dr. Nemenzo started his lecture with a roll of current problems of our country; almost all of them are from the rotten political world. A rotten politics, with rotten politicians and a nation who would sell their votes for even P20 and/or would get overwhelmed by the popularity of artists, this is why even the most incapable polygamous, drunkard human got elected as president of this country. The only solution here, according to Dr. Nemenzo, is to educate the nation, in political/social science. He’s not talking of educating all the Filipinos with the mind-boggling theories but of the issues that are important in making their decision for the future of their very nation. But how can this be achieved when for so many years, the budget for education is so small and is even getting smaller, lesser each year that passes? The solution, according to Dr. Nemenzo, is the media. Media has gained a lot of power in our society, that it can change the course of history – like in the recent turn of events in the ZTE NBN scandal. But the problem with media is that they operate for profit. Capitalism can divert media from attaining the said goal, so Dr. Nemenzo suggested that the media should be subsidized by the government, plus the government has no influence over what material the media will show to the public, especially those concerning political issues.
But giving a second thought on those people who would be willing to sell their votes for a 20-peso bill, these people would rather worry about what to eat, than give time thinking about the welfare of our country. And sad to say, these people comprises about 10-15% of the population. Dr. Nemenzo said, “feed them first.” Although everyone laughed at this line (one of the many intelligent jokes Dr. Nemenzo shared during his lecture), everyone understood the importance of such line.
He also talked about a major role of political awareness in the military in changing the nation. And he impliedly stressed the role of youth in this whole grand scheme of rebuilding our nation. We should have at least a sense of responsibility as a citizen of this nation. With this alone we can do many things to contribute to the reconstruction of this nation. Involvement is what’s needed. Democracy is something that people aspire. There was never real democracy in reality but we can always work towards it.