Philippines has a sticky social mobility. I haven’t read any journal which discussed the reasons behind that though. I think this is attributable to the attitude most of us have. Some people think, addressing this problem is the job of the government alone. yes, creating equality [but not perfect equality] in the distribution of wealth among social class is one of the jobs of the government, this is done through imposing taxes. but that doesn’t stop at that alone. the rest will be our job. many people have battled that stickiness in the social mobility and succeeded. Don’t say the government should help us achieve that, coz they are actually doing something. I’m not saying that the government is all good. anyway back to the topic. There are really a lot of programs their spearheaded by the government to support people in improving their lives, but the problem is, some of us don’t even care about those. some don’t even support those projects. There’re a lot of way to escape poverty, really, if only people want to know them. Ichiro is right, we have skills, why not use them. ^ ^ kahit papano may edge tayo sa ibang mga tao. wag na lang magreklamo, gumawa dapat.

What i said above are just hypothetical though. ahehe.

and one more thing, many people are able to go abroad and earn more, but why their lives don’t improve is because they don’t know the value for money. they used up their money to satisfy their luho. sino ba talaga ang aasenso kung ganito ang pag-iisip ng mga tao. the economy has greatly improved. use this time of economic “prosperity” God has given us to improve our lives also, for this might end before we knew it.

I know a book that could really help someone under the dilemma of a poor man having nothing but wants to improve his life, Marvin suggested this to me and it’s a good read, so try this book if you have time: The Greatest Salesman in the World by Og Mandino. hmm.. more like a what-to-do list when you’re starting from zero.

sorry if my post’s points seem so randomly arranged. hehe. gomen. I’ll add a few more arguments that an article made me realize earlier.

the cause of our poverty¬† is not lack of resources. Australia for example only has 4 months in its calendar year that their land is arable, the rest of the 8 months, they can’t plant and have harvest. yet, they have world class products and is undeniably a rich country.

the cause is also not the age of the country. even very old countries like India and Egypt are still poor while younger countries like 150 y/o Canda and Australia are pretty well off. So we can’t argue on time.

there is also no significant difference in the intelligence of different races.

the difference lies in the ATTITUDE of the citizens of one country.

There was as study conducted to determine the distinct principles majority of the citizens in rich countries possess.

1. Ethics
2. Integrity
3. Responsibility
4. Respect to laws and rules
5. respect to rights of other citizens
6. love of work
7. strive for saving and investment
8. will of super action
9. punctuality

Examine yourself. If you have most of these characteristics, then Philippines owes you something. If you possess a little, then you might probably one of the millions of problems this country is carrying.

Just remember, before you point out others mistakes, know yours first. and let me repeat this for the nth time, one has no right to whine when he/she did nothing to remedy the problem no matter how small it is.

that would be all for now. ^ ^