blog contents and spam thread filled forums – i really don’t care ’bout those with stupid, mediocre in short idiotic contents. all i want is to tell/show the forum starter or the owner of the blog how useless his/her site is. and i also want to tell other people- – the viewers or posters — how so unproductive they are wasting their time on those shits!

we can’t really stop people from creating stupid blogs and forums. that’s out of our control but we can tell them and hopefully make them realize how they wasted their time on those senseless webpages; how they gained nothing from those stuffs and how they have sinned by creating more idiots in this world!

people, wake up will you?! stop this stupidity. being an intellectual is a lot cooler. you won’t gain anything valuable to your life by just spamming. that is worthless nonsense [i apologize to say this, but i hope you’ll wake up from that mediocrity your involving yourself in — spamming and endulging in those thread which has the power to create an “idiot” within you]

this is a serious matter, really. don’t laugh at this post. you’re just proving to yourself to be one of “them” — you know who.

still not fully “awake”? talk to the hand and remain buried in the realms of mediocrity.