E-VAT is OK for me. Have you read the business section of PDI last sunday [or was it yesterday? I forgot, the newspapers in the table was jumbled -_-“] foreign debts decreased from 54 billion to 53 billion. That’s a big improvement. and with the better national credit rating, the world bank grants the government upto 600 million per year. [these means better fiscal status for our country, which can be attributed to the fiscal policies that our governement has adopted in the previous years, E-VAT is one of those].

IMO, E-VAT is a simple sacrifice from us for our country. parang joined efforts natin to help our country. corruption: given na yan sa lahat ng countries. as long as greed exists, corruption will also exist.

Enlightened now? [or enlightened is not the right word? wahehe] If not, think of the story of Korea. Corruption was even worse there, years ago, but you know what the people did? They worked as miners in Germany so they could send some money for their governement to build a single factory; they worked just to send those small dollars to their coutry without earning anything for themselves. I cried when a Korean friend of mine told me this. I admire their sense of nationalism [which, unfortunately, we, Filipinos, lack]. lagi kasi tayong umaasa sa gobyerno, sinisisi ang mga corrupt na opisyal. bakit di tayo umaasa sa sarili natin? bakit di natin sisihin ang sarili natin [dahil tayo rin naman ang bumoboto sa mga alligators na yun. dahil tayo rin naman walang magawa para sa ikabubuti ng bansa?!]

take E-VAT as one of the many sacrifices we have to do for our country, if we really want to have a better country, a better living.

Others say, ” kahit na may good effect yan, hindi pa rin randam ang kagandahan nya ng masang Pilipino, kahit ng ekonomiya ng bansa.” well, i’m saying, just wait. the effects of good fiscal policies will be felt by individuals after some time. just let the economic forces work, you’ll feel it soon. if you want to know the reason why, think of the short run ang long run supply and demand curves [i think these are taught to 4th year HS students] in the short run prices are sticky, coz of the limitations of expansion in factors of production. but in the long run, prices is variable. so the TIME aspect is needed to feel the effect of the changes in an economy. [i don’t wanna discuss further the reason behind this. i’ve done this lecture almost a hundred times to several people. XD] changes due to some improvement in economic factors can be felt through time. NOT instant. itthis is the difference between long term and short term changes in the economy. maybemost of us still can’t feel the effect of the developments in our economy, but time will come we will feel those. I can say that as of now there have been great development in our economy. one proof is the decrease of our debt in IMF and WB. in one PDI issue [business section] reported that IMF expected a 5.8% economic growth for our country this 2007 [that’s better than Malaysia’s 4.X% (i forgot the exact figure) and other SEA countries]. and WB has allowed us to loan 600 million dollars per year to invest. [remember, investments increases the benefits we get through time]

no matter how much we add to our tax payments, the fact still remains that we are spending MILLIONS on corruption. if we really want our country to be back on its feet we must eliminate the huge black hole in our government that’s devouring our financial resources.” [somebody told this to me] my say: tama siya. but the question is, can we avoid that? we can. but we’re doing nothing. just some whining. am i right? some don’t even have plans of voting in the May 14 elections. “but we have the right NOT to vote after all,” she added. if that’s what you think, then go exercise your right not to vote. but have you ever looked into the ALL the politicians plans and GPOAs? if your answer is yes, oh well. you’re lucky you have the power to change our country. and be patient, please, and understand how a nation or economy [perhaps] works before you do another whining.

On the matter: ” Evat is good for negosyantes.. BAD for laborers.” do you know that evat is not good for negosyantes? the demand curve of a particular product determines the sharing of the additional vat. plus, increase in price of a product will surely lower the sales given that other factors such as wages remains constant.