I just finished watching Hayao Miyasaki’s Princess Mononoke. God, it gave me goosebumps. One reason that is enough to say that the movie is not just good; it’s great!

The story has the perfect blend of moral lessons, adventure, love, and set of characters — that live with Miyasaki’s trademark of :no pure good nor pure evil.” Fantastic! Reflects what the real world is.

It tells the tale of a forest guarded by gods, endangered by humans. It narrates the war between human and nature in the battle for survival. And in between comes a warrior from the east who has brought peace with him.woot! Men co-exist with nature. And so we should protect and preserve it. I hope we could all put this in our minds. If you still can’t or you merely don’t want, I recommend that you watch Princess Mononoke. :P