I could consider myself a regular visitor of SWS website. I love putting their press releases in my blog and, of course, commenting on the results of the surveys. I’m doing this because I want other people to be correctly informed and not have their minds supplied by knowledge by some newspapers that are clearly exaggerating and “dressing” the results of the survey to something they deem much profitable. I got tired of reading news articles about SWS surveys which are exaggerated and so it was really a break of the monotony to hear the results of the surveys from SWS people, themselves.
During the lecture, the first thing that caught my interest are the surveys about the economic well-being of the country, specifically that of the self-rated poverty which fell during the term of Arroyo (similar to the trend line set by NSCB) while hunger increased, thus it can be implied that the economic developments in the past year did not trickle down to the poor. It is also understandable why 39% of the families with OFW member to consider themselves better off before considering the depreciation of dollar.
Browsing the handout further, I was surprised to see Erap getting an 18% share in the pie which represents the percentage of Filipinos who are letting/not letting past/present President have another term. “18% of the populace (possibly) are having historical amnesia this fast,” I thought that time I saw the slide. I really can’t believe that 18% have forgotten what the polygamous drunkard did during his term. His slogan would read “Erap para sa mahirap.” But it turned out to be just another scene in the film he was making, to cover what was really happening behind the camera. I pity those people; they are still overwhelmed by the image of their Erap which is far from reality (based on the judgment made by the Supreme Court with due process). And Erap who is now a free citizen and is “fighting against corruption” (according to him), is ready to replace Arroyo in case of her resignation (also according to his statement last February 23); I’m really wondering what will happen to this poor country of ours.
Going back to the topic, though it is important to inform the people of the prevailing “social weather” in our country, it is equally important to also inform them of the limitations of the survey methods used – e.g. the margin of error in survey results that Prof. Monsod has been stressing. Even so, it’s really bliss to know that an organization like SWS is operating not for profit but to make people informed of the issues in our country. I must say this (referring to the act) is nationalistic.