Opening her eyes, she found herself inside an empty room; so silent and still. It was cold in what she came from, and darkness in that empty room came to gave her warmth. She lived her life behind that darkness — darkness that this God’s daughter never wanted to be in, yet there she found refuge. Haha! What an irony. But that’s the sad truth. She hid her true self from the real world, and lived as a puppet – that can’t cry or even whine. Through this it [the puppet] survived, became someone, and people accepted the puppet. Everyone was fine, except this puppet. It longed to have a soul, longed for the warmth of love and laughter, but never found any. People called the puppet a victor, but deep inside her soul is crying, weeping for a long time. While the girl in the empty room grew up alone; away from her family that threw her to where she was. For almost a decade, this was her life – a life lived in darkness.

Then, suddenly, everything is turning out as she what her heart wished for a long time. She is loved and her family is together. At that time, she decided to leave her refuge and face the world once more, expecting that everything around her is better.

She really thought everything was going fine as she have been wishing each to be. She thought with her family finally living together and finding her knight that truly loves her, that she’ll say goodbye to those constant dark days. She thought that the trade off never existed.

But she was wrong…

She realized she couldn’t have her real happiness; her family has tied her hands from grasping what her heart desires. She started to cry once more. And then finding her self back in that empty room, she smiled.