If you’re a Filipino, right now, you might/must have an idea who this polygamous drunkard is? Or you have forgotten his crimes as well, like those who asked him to join the fight against corruption in our government? More stupid Filipinos lining up among the millions!

Last Sunday I was reading the broadsheet, The Philippine Star, when I came across an article bearing the title “Erap ready to join groups vs corruption.” The first paragraph reads: Pardoned former President Joseph Estrada said yesterday that business organizations, civil society and other groups that allegedly conspired to oust him in 2001 are “now realizing their mistakes.” LOL to his one. Estrada even described the activists who were now advocating the ouster of PGMA as the people “who demonized him.” More LOLs for this. I really can’t imagine we had a President like him. He who can’t even realize his mistakes. He who took away millions of dollars from poor Juan dela Cruz’s (Filipinos’) pocket is now calling the very same people he stole lots of money from as the ones who “demonized” him. He is the 10th most corrupt leader in the world, in line with Suharto and Marcos. Now who is the real DEMON?! God, why do people like him exist? He’s so stupid. But, what can I expect from a drunkard and polygamous former president who drinks ’til his limit every night and is asleep during the day that he couldn’t even attend cabinet meetings, plus a womanizer who collected 5 mistresses (and had sons with them) in two years! wooo! He’s undeniably a great idiot.

Sinuka na nga dati ng bayan, pilit pa ring isisnisiksik ang sarili sa mga taong nagpaalis sa kanya.
unfortunately, those people are having political amnesia.

For my fellow citizens of this country with rotten politics, please be more critical. Don’t get your emotions go above your rational thinking. History will  not repeat itself if we don’t allow it. Don’t let that idiotic human fool us again.