Dearka [not his real name] asked this query in one of the threads in a forum: “What do you peepz think about guys who swear/cuss frequently? What should we do so that we can at least lessen or eliminate swearing and cussing?”
On the first question:
What they lack is not knowledge in general, coz as kuya UC said there is a way of swearing that is witty and educated. Am I making sense?

We could classify those who swears a lot, as if there’s other word in his vocabulary aside from curse words, as low breeds or idiots. LOL pardon me to classify them as this, but honestly this is what I think of them. They don’t understand what they say; they just think speaking trash is “cool,” which is really not true. I bet they don’t even know the real meaning of the words they are saying. They misused their ability to think as a human, and used it in a manner that is considered bad in our society. They don’t value the concept of public place and never thought of the other people that could hear those obscene words that they are blurting out. May isip sila para malaman kung ano ang mali at tama, subalit di pa rin nila ginamit sa tamang paraan ang talino ang abilidad nila bilang tao. They are simply some dumb narrow minded humans, and a laughingstock — I guess this is the most “beneficial” use of their trashful mouth. LOL to them!

On the second query:
The important question really is what they should do to change themselves. Nasa tao na yun kung gusto niyang magbago. kahit ga’no pa kalaki ang effort ng ibang tao na baguhin ang isang tao, wala ring mangyayari kung walang balak magbago nung tao mismo. All we can do as third persons is to remind them what kind of idiots they are.

Just doing my share.