as i have had observed in the past years and based on the written documents, the church is gradually removing some superstitious beliefs in its belief system. the most recent would be Limbo being not existent.

this only proves the passages of Karl Marx in the Preface on his “A Critique on … Political Economy” [sorry, i forgot the whole title]:

He states that once the base [which is modes of production — forces of production] of the superstructure [political institutions], a conflict between the old relations of production will occur then social revolution will come next. social revolution meaning change in ideologies may it be political or religious.

putting this in the topic we have here, before the Age of Enlightenment, people believed that planetary activities were due to the powers of certain holy beings working for God. but with the advent of the Age of Enlightenment, formulation of scientific theories, this changed to gravity-doing-the-work. another example is the issue on Heliocentric and Geocentric model of the solar system. at first the church accepted Geocentric as true, and even branded the man behind the Heliocentric model as heretic. [si Copernicus, tama ba?] but after sometime, abah, nagbago ang ihip ng hangin at pinanigan na ng simbahan ang Heliocentric, kasi alam naman natin lahat na iyon ang tama.

i’m sure there will come a time hat the church will accept the Theory of Evolution.

isa pang ayaw ko sa church ay ang masamang history nito. remember the inquisition [i almost lost my faith on the Catholic Church as humane entity serving people under the teachings of God; but not on God] where the church people turned into “demonic executioners”. imagine people branded as heretics being cut into half [and not buy use any cutting tool, by using horses to pull the body in opposite directions]!

i’m not saying, you should be atheists. just be rational.