kyaah.. more fangirl material! lol. yes, there is a second season La Corda fans.

Source: ANN –– La Corda D’Oro ~secondo passo~ TV Special Confirmed

La Corda DOro ~secondo passo~ new characters

La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~ new characters

more bishounens! kya! *faints* lol

but the manga is not finished yet, so be prepared to die of disgruntlement for the second time. haha.

and it’s violin is to violin. :D

just to share our conversation in our IRC channel earlier about secondo passo:

<%Fumino> meron ring second season ang la corda d’oro. haha. fangirl material. XD
<+dango-daikazoku> O_O
<+dango-daikazoku> yung maraming pretty boys?
[<%Fumino> uu
<+dango-daikazoku> kill me
<%Fumino> ahaha
<+tohru-chan> haha…
<+tohru-chan> dnt u like la corda d’ oro dango?
<+dango-daikazoku> my whole MANLINESS was shaken
<+AbbeDesot> lol
<+tohru-chan> XD
<+dango-daikazoku> everytime makita ko sa animax ang ad.. i squeal in agony

Oh yah, after  Gundam 00 episode 10 lastt ime in TV Tokyo, the teaser for FMA second season aired. :D The trailer goes this way:  “New training … a fullmetal artificial limb, a body of armor … the brothers’ journey begins. Fullmetal Alchemist: April 2009 Training. In this palm, is there hope or despair?” But why “a body of armor?” Al regained his body in season 1. :O and in the movie, they are both trapped in the human world, how could they go back to the other side? haha. I thought the movie ends the story, but maybe it does end the story, and the second season is just a longer version of the movie. fu~ Who gets Winry is what interests me the most. :3

FMA Second Season Teaser. Get teased. gaah. XD

FMA Second Season Teaser. Get teased. gaah. XD

Source: ANN — New Fullmetal Alchemist TV Anime to Premiere in April (Update 2)

Two animu already in my Spring 2009 watch list!