I’ve been hearing stuffs about this animu over the IRC. Apparently there’s this fuss about one animu character, worshiped by millions, that’s been “looming” the internet for the past month. (don’t argue against this statement; just take this as a fact already. lol to people who are paying more than 10,000 pesos (around $200) for a simple Nagi Fans Club Membership card with their name on it.)

ok, here’s the story.

First meet Nagi (of Kannagi). yes, she’s the flat-chested goddess that made every man go gaga over her.

Nagi Futomomo of Kannagi

Nagi of Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens

Then there’s this recent chapter of Kannagi manga where it was revealed that Nagi has an “ex-boyfriend” and thus she might be in fact a “second-hand.” And what else can we expect from the millions of followers of Nagi-sama… Their goddess has been desecrated, deflowered, by a fu***** bastard and not by them (pertaining to Nagi’s 3D followers) blah blah blah… yes, they Trans-Am’d . I know this is quite an overreaction but that’s how it is when we’re talking about otakus whose maxim is 2D is better than 3D. I’ve been lurking around otaku hotspots over the internet for the past years and I’ve met people who have nothing to say but “*insert a bishie here* is my waifu,” “I’m married to *insert bishie here.* Believe it, people can go awfully crazy over a 2D character. (pity on us, 3D girls. lol) here’s a proof:

Kannagi defiled!

Kannagi defiled!

Really, quite a phenomenal reaction from an otaku upon learning that Nagi had a boyfriend and may in fact be just a hand-down. This pic was posted in 2ch — quite the extreme public display of craziness remonstrance after being betrayed by his 2D wife (when did marrying a 2D character become publicly enforceable?! lol).

And then the manga ceased publication due to the mangaka’s “health issues” (at least according to the publishing company).

No word from the publisher so far as to when the manga will resume.


well, as for me, I’ll just observe this amusing craziness chaos from afar. XD