After the hiatus due to some serious health issues of the mangaka, Eri Takenashi, it has been announced that Kanagi will resume publication after the news of Eri Takenashi’s successful surgery.

We are aware that we have caused the readers of “Kannagi” a great deal of concern through the matter of its suspension.

Takenashi was abruptly struck down by a sudden illness shortly after the manuscript for the December issue of ComicREX was completed, and after this she was immediately hospitalised due to her critical condition; as a result, publication of Kannagi was suspended.

After this, she underwent surgery, which proved successful, and now her condition is favourable and she is moving towards a period of convalescence.

After the publication of the January edition of ComicREX, there were some reports to the effect that “Takenashi has ceased publication due to the calumnies she was subjected to”, but this is not the case.

Takenashi is currently hospitalised, but even so she has expressed a desire to move towards resuming her writing.

We hope that readers will be kind enough to wait whilst she convalesces.

— ComicREX

The prayers worked! I’m so glad. Just yesterday, ComiREX issued a clarification about speculations of some otakus that the cessation of Kannagi manga was due to the violent reactions that stormed the internet and the 3D world regarding the issue of Nagi’s virginity.

“The author’s health is in a bad way, and she can no longer write. If she recovers, we may hear an explanation from her.”

— ComicREX

This was also confirmed by, Kazuya Minekura, another mangaka in her blog writing: “At the current time (yesterday) she can’t even move her body.

well that’s finished and it’s good the Eri Takenashi’s condition is better now.

I just hope the raging otakus stop with their ridiculous impulsive actions that would dishearten the recuperating mangaka.