my friends have been bugging with questions like how to XDCC? what’s IRC? what are bots? how can people raep bots?!

Wanna know too?

First let’s start with what the heck is IRC. In our country, Philippines that is, IRC is not as known as it is in foriegn countries like the US in in Europe — blame the technological asdjbnakjsdhiak. IRC, an acronym for Internet Relay Chat, is an international computer network of Internet servers, using its own protocol through which individual users can hold real-time online conversations (source: More like a huge network of Yahoo conferences, which can hold more than a thousand people at a time per room. They call these chat rooms channels.  got a clearer idea now?

Aside from chatting, IRC also has a file sharing capability — known as XDCC or Xabi DCC [Xabi  being the one who created the first script for it]. Pretty like Yahoo! Messenger’s “Send File” function, except that one source can send the same file to several users. This can be made possible through IRC bots which have file sharing programs, hosted on connections with very [very] high upstream bandwidth.

Before XDCCing and anything else you have to have an IRC client. If Yahoo have it’s Y!Messenger program, IRC must have one also. You can use mIRC. If you’re using MacOS there are other clients that are programmed for Macs. Just use the power of Google to find one. You can also use Chatzilla, an IRC client add-on for Mozilla Firefox browser. There are AJAX IRC clients like wherein you don’t have to DL and install any client to your computer, just your browser is enough.

Now that you have a client in your computer, the next thing to do is to join a server. I suggest Rizon, since most animu fansubber channels are in this server. Just type /server then send. Once connected you need to join the channel where the bot is, type /join #channel to join a channel. IRC uses command strings, much like command prompt (but this isn’t some primitive technology. lol). It’s important to understand these command strings to better use IRC.

Here are some commonly used command strings:

/server <server address>

to join a server. Server address usually follows this format

e.g. /server

/join #channel

to join a channel. the # sign should be present before the channel name.

e.g.  /join #bss

/msg <nickname> <message>

to PM the person you specified in the command string

e.g. /msg Fumino yay! I PMed you. lol

Now you’re ready to raep some bots, you type /msg [name of bot] XDCC SEND #XX. example: /msg [BSS]Kamina XDCC SEND #21

Here’s a list of common XDCC commands:

/msg <botname> XDCC SEND #<pack number>

request the specified pack number from the bot. /msg [botname] XDCC SEND #XX

e.g. /msg [BSS]Kamina XDCC SEND #21

If you’re wondering what are packs, packs are the files available in the bot. You can know what pack number the file you are looking for in the pack list. Getting the packlist would require another commance string.

/msg <botname> XDCC LIST

this requests the packlist of the bot specified. Alternatively, you could find packlists of a funsubber’s bots in their website.

/msg <botname> XDCC CANCEL

to cancel XDCC request

/msg <botname> XDCC INFO #<pack number>

to request file info of the pack you are requesting — usually contains the file name and file size.

Alternatively, some channels allow triggers. NOTE: read the channel’s topic first and check on the allowed triggers before you do this. Using triggers are simple, just type the trigger — e.g. gundam07! — then send and [viola] you have you’re download starting. But better /msg XDCC SEND if you don’t want to get the attention of the people in that channel. /msg is a PM command wherein you’re message is viewable only by the person you specified in the command string.

Where can one find a fansubber’s channel address? Google it. or go to

Just some friendly advice:

  • Read the topic and follow the rules. Otherwise, it’s kickban (kick and ban) for you. The topic are the first messages shown the moment you enter a channel.
  • Behave well.
  • Don’t just XDCC anyone. Look for their XDCC listing first before you rape their bots.
  • As much as possible, don’t ask how to XDCC in the channel.
  • Don’t ask either when will they release an episode.