Yay! its Christmas break desu!

Yay! it's Christmas break desu!

yeah, it’s Christmas break finally, after two weeks of exams and near public humiliation. why public humiliation you say? well, I’m enrolled in a subject wherein they train us in finance for the FINEX Intercollegiate Finance Competition and IRC. and what is the best way to ready us for the competition, to make us go through the competition itself — just a mock competition BTW. But what’s so terrible about this idea is that everyone watching, the professors and the students, witnesses every mistake — foolish mistake at that, when everyone got the question right and only you raised the wrong letter — that you commit. I did well in preventing myself publicly humiliated, at least. XDDD I’m not really after the glory of being chosen for the FINEX contest. I only enrolled in the advance finance class just to learn finance and that’s it. well that’s finished. and now it’s all free days ahead. fuuuu~

But that’s two weeks of excessive mental activity~ so I’m still like this:

In other words, bangag.

In other words, "bangag."