Ibrowsed the internet the moment I woke up and WTF I found his. I was laughing like hell, what a good way to start a day. lol

I give you this:

LOL. I was expecting that one. Man, this is too much for a lol. XDD but wait there are still moar!

This one really got me. OMFG, this pic is so GAAAAAYYY hilarious!

yeah, Gundam 00’s Gundam Seed parody. XD lol saji, his hair is so gay. haha!

lol. Zero’s line now is “Ako ay Gundaumb!” not “Ako ay si Zero.” XDDD

Was this from FMP TSR? can’t remember quite well this scene in the OP. anyway, but this other one is pretty obvious:

Setsuna as Sosuke Sagara, perfect match! haha.

that’s all of it. hope you enjoyed feasting on the gay pics. XDDD