January 2009

I’ve been waiting for this since weeks ago. X3

Download links:

Script [.ASS] here. Only my second time subbing. XD

Also I’m working on a subbed  Final Fantasy XIII trailer in HD.

I don’t have time to be talking a lot right now [I still have exams later >.<], but what can I say… the new ED is simple, emo-ic, orangy [or orangey] and cute. XD

Here, some screenshots:

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Orange [Toradora! 2nd ED] Single

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Download links:

  1. Orange
  2. Koi Kurage
  3. Orange [Instrumental]
  4. Koi Kurage [Instrumental]

I’ve been gone for a few days, well actually 2 long days — getting over another great depression, surprises and disappointments.

Great Depression. I failed my exams badly… I don’t want to talk about this now. haha. I just suck and I failed so badly.

Surprises. I received a letter from McKinsey and Co. — a really big multinational consultancy firm — inviting me to their cocktail. They are known for inviting only the best students — *cough* academically. So when I received my letter of invitation, the first reaction of the people around me is “this is a mistake!” haha. they have  a point; why would a delinquent be invited by a company as prestigious a McKinsey? So my grades aren’t that bad or should I say my grades are still not that bad. :))

Disappointments. I DLed Toradora’s new OP and ED, and I find them mediocre. yes, they have cute voices, but they’re not catchy enough. I’ll upload the rips and the singles later.

In their website, Newtype announced the release of Macross Ace, a comprehensive info-guide of the macross franchise from the first Macross to its latest Macross Frontier — still part of Macross’ 25th anniversary I suppose. This issue also promises details of the upcoming Macross F movie — and probably will end the macross-movie-is-Klan-centered speculations by fans.

Macross A (Ace) Vol.001
Price: 480 yen (tax included)
Release Date: Monday, January 26, 2009


Here, have a share of goosebumps: :)) [click to get more goosebumps enlarge]

If you don’t know Saber Lily, she was introduced in the famous game Fate/Unlimited Codes, another in the series of Fate games. Sculpted to recreate Saber’s Distant Avalon — her other noble Phantasm, Takayuki Kawahara sure did a great job in giving us goosebumps and making us drool over that PVC. :)) And it’s very detailed — from the hair to Saber’s armor. In fact, it’s so good that dango said something like, “parang.. paghahawakan ko.. matutunaw akoooo” XDDD


  • Product name: Saber Lily ~Distant Avalon~ (せいばー・りりぃ すべてとおきりそうきょう アヴァロン)
  • Series: Fate/unlimited codes
  • Price: 9,800 Japanese Yen
  • Release Date: 2009/06
  • Specifications: Complete painted PVC figure – 1/7 scale – approximately 230mm in height
  • Sculptor: Takayuki Kawahara

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Just click the images to view the larger one. ^^

I went to play-asia.com to check the pre-order for Saber Lily, it says there:

Fate/unlimited codes 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Saber Lily (Distant Avalon)
Good Smile

Not yet published or released
In stock on Jun, 2009. We do not charge your credit card before pre-orders are being shipped.
Price: US$ 114.90 (~5,482 PHP)

Quite a good price for that drool-tastic fig. The I went to ask my Dad to lend me his credit card and the rest went this way:

Dad: you’re going to waste 5000 for that toy (saber lily)?

Me: yes

Dad: in hell will I allow that.

I guess I just have to buy it with my own money. >.<


Houziyou Kuniko

Houjou Kuniko

An 18-year old girl gifted with physical abilities more like a genius and is expected as the next president of an armed anti-government guerrilla organization, “Metal Age.”

Yoshikuni Mikuni

Yoshikuni Mikuni

A mysterious 8 year-old from the elite class who is haunted by a weird disease — she can’t stand the sunlight, so she’s living in a special room provided by Atlas Corporation .

Hitoshi Kusanagi

Hitoshi Kusanagi

A major in the army who relentlessly hunts down Metal Age guerrillas. He was brought up in an ordinary family with strong foundations on values and honesty.



A glamorous 28 year old mercenary with extraordinary beauty and battle ability. She’s the foster parent of Kuniko. [OMG, she’s friggin’ hot. lol]



yeah, obviously she’s fat and she’s a close friend of Kuniko.



A former surgeon imbued with honor and commitment to serve. How she ended up in Atlas corporation remains a mystery.


Ishida Rin

A 10-year-old “economic” genius who thinks money is everything in this world.



Assumed leadership of the activities of Metal Age.
With a thickened sense of justice, he dedicated his life to overthrow the government.

Yamazaki Tomoka

Yamazaki Tomoka

Kuniko’s high school friend

Yuri Gamagori

Yuri Gamagori

The drone among Kuniko’s friends. She dislikes her surname, so she’s pretty eager to get rabu-rabu with someone, get married and say to goodbye to that fringgin’ surname.

Overall, the character design looks promising — Murata is behind this after all. I’ll be watching this. XD

The story takes place in the middle of the 21st century when global warming has turned Tokyo into a tropical city. To reduce the temperature at the heart of the city by 5°C (9°F), the city is being reborn as the world’s largest forest city. However, despite the flow of refugees to the new city of Atlas, there are not many residents who can actually live there. Moreover, anti-government guerrillas are attempting to stop the forestation.


Director: Makoto Bessho
Series Composition: Hiroshi Ohnogi
Original creator: Eiichi Ikegami
Character Design: Range Murata
Animation Character Design: Kumi Ishii
Art design: Hajime Satou

Creative Producer: Takeshi Mori
Creative Supervision: Shingo Takeba
Design Work:
Takuhito Kusanagi
Umanosuke Iida
Sound director: Yota Tsuruoka
Animation Production: Gonzo
Source: ANN

After laughingly  saying that they had not started working on Haruhi-chan yet, Haruhi.tv announced the premiere date for Haruhi-chan parody shorts. Oh God, are they making fun of us? At least this would be a good Haruhi alternative while waiting [actually, waaaaiiiiiting] for the much anticipated second series.

In any case, the first episode will stream Friday, February 13th (22:00 JST) — around 9pm here in the Philippines — in Kadokawa’s YouTube channel. Succeeding episodes will be released weekly in an irregular time schedule.

There’s also this Nyoron Churuya-chan, but I don’t know the details.

*Staff Credits:

  • Director: Takemoto Yasuhiro (Full Metal Panic, Lucky☆Star, new Haruhi series 2)
  • Animation Production: Kyoto Animation

*Haruhi-chan Song Credits:

  • OP Title: “Imamade no Arasuji”
  • Lyrics: Hata Aki
  • Composition: Kousaki Satoru
  • Vocals: SOS-dan/brigade (Haruhi, Kyon, Mikuru, Itsuki, Yuki)


For your karaoke needs:

*TL from gSS' script

This is actually my first time to sub a video, so pardon the noobness of the subs. XD

You can also download the raw video file and Trust You mp3 [TVrip] here.

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