Seriously, can a dream have an episode 2? I had this pretty weird dream earlier (this afternoon) which seemed to be a continuation of the dream I had months ago. (~_~) Even the details where so much alike — e.g. the  spot were I kept my phone before the previous dream “ended” was exactly the same spot where I found my phone in the dream I just had. The dream was about me in a modern magical world (lol to this) going to school and having a Dad with long purple hair.  alright! XDDD My previous dream ended with me about to take a sleep and surprisingly the second dream started with me waking up from a long slumber and finding out the world outside has changed like hell. well, that’s the gist; don’t ask about the details. lol But one last thing, every aspect of the second dream is exactly a continuation of the events in my first dream. *shivers* XDDD

This is really weird, guys… but fun. XD

pretty short entry… I’m in a hurry. (oho, it rhymes. gah, this line sucks.)