I just had my taxation exam earlier and I basically crammed the studying yesterday night. XD that’s a delinquent for you. I was glued to my study desk ’til dawn, or was rather like drowned in a sea of paper — notes, powerpoint handouts, and a pile of quizzers photocopied from several books. Typical cram studying setting, I must say. But why in hell would studying be bloody, literally? I’m quite marveled myself either [by my carelessness]. lol My hand suffered multiple injuries caused by papers. :)) paper cut, that is. This occurs when the edge of a paper or other thin sharp material slices a person’s skin. No matter how cute their name may sound, they’re painful, awfully painful [period].

I sustained roughly 10 cuts for the duration of my studying, with the pile of newly photocopied quizzers as the cause. lol jo dan. it would be more appropriate to say with my extreme carelessness as the cause.

So I came to school with my hand full of bandages — to prevent the further opening of the wounds. And God, they’re soring [until now]. ;_;