Pic Spam!

For the 6th time, Setsuna F. Say Yeah Seie made it to the cover of Animage magazine February issue! *forced applause* lol

well, here’s the cover boy of the month with his awesome GAR pose.

If you can remember, he also appeared in the cover of the said magazine 5 times in a span of 1 year and two months.

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November 2007 February 2008 June 2008
Young Setsuna. lol. I don’t get why would they put a picture like that in the cover. A “candid” shot for a cover… unusual. or is Setsuna that camera shy that the mag people has to resort to a candid shot. :)) Well, this is how a cover pic should be. XDD lol to camera shy Setsuna. Was this published in the height of Graham Cracker Acre’s yaoi tendencies over Setsuna? :)) at least now, no more shyness, Setsuna.
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September 2008 November 2008 March 2008
Was this for season 2? After 3 cover appearances, Setsuna can now do some badass pose. LOL No Neil. waaa.. ;_; Neil banzai! A Tieria x Neil tribute. Neil-Tieria banzai!




[face dance. XDDD]

And now presenting cover king, Lelouch Lamperouge. lol

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April 2007 June 2007 August 2007
Alright! so GAR. lol to Suzaku. I love this cover. WTG C.C. XDD A fail cover…
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October 2008 May 2008 July 2008
. . . “Ako ay si Zero, ang lalaking sumisira at nagbabago ng mundo.” — quoted from TV5’s Tagalog dubbed release. XDD King Rurushu. :3
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October 2008 January 2009
C.C. debut as the oshiri service queen. Rurushu, you’re one enviable dead man. :)) but she’s also taking Kallen’s crown as the oppai service queen. :))


If it’s not Code Geass, then it’s Gundam 00, this is how Animage’s covers go.

And I would like to add this:

It’s Tieria on the December issue cover of Newtype Romance.

so yaoi material. XDDD