By distro sites, I’m talking about licensed distribution [stream] sites for Naruto Shippuuden.

Crunchyroll [CR] got permission to stream Naruto Shippuuden legally and for free starting January 8. If you received shinji’s e-mail last December, he impliedly mentioned that streams won’t be made available immediately to free users. Much to the fans dismay, they can only access the free stream 6 days after its airing in Japan. Only those [who have money and] purchased an “Anime Membership” can watch it on the same day it airs in Japan. >.> So don’t get fooled by the title of this ANN article: Naruto Shippuden Available Immediately for Free Viewing on Crunchyroll

Another site got legal license to stream Naruto Shippuuden subbed in English, But just like CR, the next episode will be uploaded one week after the episode’s broadcast in Japan. :))

And the streams are not downloadable.

Quoting shinji:

Update 12/10/2008: For people asking whether it’ll be downloadable or not, sorry, it’s streaming only, I couldn’t get permission to do downloads. But the streaming quality is better than download quality, so why download? Image There are concerns about people pirating it and putting it on Bittorrent or whatever. We could also do DRM but I know people don’t like that. Image

I download Naruto Shippuuden episodes for my brother to watch. Now if made to choose between CR’s licensed HD stream and HorribleSubs’ [a fansub group] HD release, why would I pay $5/month for something I can’t download and archive in my computer. Plus, HorribleSubs release is 1080p way better compared to CR’s 720p.  XP

And about this, “But the streaming quality is better than download quality, so why download?” gah, since when did a stream become superior in quality over downloads? and nothing beats MKV’s conveniences — chaptering [enables you to skip annoying repetitive OP’s and ED’s], best quality-file size ratio, etc.

I just hope they don’t use scripts/subs made by fansubbers in their videos. They don’t want people to be laughing at them because they used the free subs by fansubbers they despise for distributing their copyrighted animus, do they? Ahahaha! no, they don’t.