I am a delinquent, I don’t deny that. I only study the night before the exam; sometimes, I don’t study at all — relying on minimal logic to pass my exams. haha! I don’t do my homework; I solve the problem the moment I’m called to show my homework and discuss it in class. :)) I don’t listen when the topic bores me; in fact my notebook is full of drawings and senseless scribbles. I don’t participate in class discussions either; unless it’s a graded recitation. And my books are as good a new after the semester has ended. I go to school merely for compliance — compliance with minimum requirements that is; to pass my exams and get the required attendance — and in the end being regarded as an insult to my studious classmates. :)) oh, I also watch anime  while a boring professor who’s not worthy of my respect is blabbering in front. >:]

Two things, I’m one hell of a delinquent and school is so damn boring for me. I mean, dealing with numbers the whole day and listening to incoherent lectures, who won’t get bored?

But maybe school would be much more exciting for me should it be like this:


A test from a Japanese “English” class, strangely includes atypical names that would only be familiar to fans of Code Geass and Gundam 00." Source: Sankaku

AHAHAHA! Should school be like that always, I would not be a delinquent. yosh! XDDD Imagine using your favorite characters or anime in explaining mind-cracking notions and seeing names and anime puns in your homework… :3 I used this once in one of my talks [yes, I do speeches and I used to teach leadership to my kohais]; I think I used Luffy in one of my examples of what a leader should be. XD I can never forget how their faces lightened up after hearing me talk about Luffy. XD To hell with John Maxwell’s example, they could not possibly relate to someone they never heard of.  :))

Now, if you’re thinking of how a delinquent like me be qualified to teach leadership to kids, don’t ask; it’s a long story. X)

I’ve observed the worst and best of Philippine education and I’m glad that teachers today are flexible and they try their hard to get eveyrone interested in what they’re teaching, and anime-ification of school can be quite an interesting way of achieving this. XDDD