Earlier I went to the public market with my big brother. And we found this store selling some fresh tilapia — so damn fresh that they’re actually [still] moving… errr… yanking. *shiver* they were all suffocating — gasping for air, laborously *redundant*. and when my nii-san finally got two big ones and put them in the weighing scale… a moment after, oho, they jumped off. hmm.. they must really hate being cooked. uhuh.. Then we had them cleaned  — had the gills and other organs removed, — but guess what, they’re still moving. We had the others chopped, but the parts are still moving. T^T A few minutes after, they’re still moving. still moving. still moving! still moving!!!  (>.<) I was grossed out and made my nii-san carry the plastic of semi-alive Tilapias. Maybe not grossed out, I just can’t stand the atrocity of witnessing them die slowly. T^T

Oh, if you don’t know tilapia, it’s this fish.