If you recall my previous post about the tale of the tilapias we bought, during the same day, 2 groups of strangers called us “anak mayaman” [rich kid] while we were buying stuff in the public market — you know when you feel weirded out and they are talking while looking at you. Maybe because we casually speak in English when talking to each other — err… we’re doing that to gain better command of the language. And maybe because my brother blurts out French words/phrases from time to time and I just happen to understand “oui,” “non,” “merci” and “si’l te plait.” Or maybe this has to do with my brother’s hottie-ness. hmm… *looks at nii-san* *immitates Sunako of Wallflower* OMG you’re too bright! *melts* AHAHAHAHA! (>^o^)>

Lesson: you don’t speak English nor French while in a public market. oui… oui…


I woke up reading an SMS from my ex which basically ruined my day. But realizing my nii-san would be in school the whole and that I could have the net for myself while my French-speaking-net-gaming-addict big brother is gone, I got all genki-genki again. nyuu~ yes, my brother is the reason why I’ve been on a partial blogging hiatus for a week already. He’s basically playing every minute he’s in this house.

Lesson: Men are pretty influential.


Before lunch, I received a call from my adviser/teacher in high school. She thanked me for the UP shirt I bought for her and other random stuff of the past. And she said something like “I am not someone who can move mountains… blah blah blah” It sounded familiar so I was trying to fucking remember any book I read where she could possibly quoted that from. then. . . . . . . . . ROFL. oh you dear teacher. you quoted me in my valedictory address. ahahahahaha! So she listened to that crap, four years ago. She the told me she was actually rereading my speech that time when she called me. :O

Lessons: [1] Be careful of what crap you put in your speeches coz you might regret how those lines struck/affected your listeners. [2] She’s [referring to my teacher who called me] not just a fan of my gorgeous mom. (>.<)


Then in the afternoon, I watched Clannad After Story episode 17. I was expecting a lighter episode after episode 16’s heeaaaavvvy drama. T^T But fuck, Tomoya is being harsh to Ushio-chan. T^T why you do that, Tomoya? whyyyy? You should treasure Ushio-chan moar! [anyway, he’ll come to being a good dad in a few episodes]

Lesson: Tomoya, undoubtedly, you’re envied more by a lot of lolicons men after having Ushio-chan.


And finally, some nice lulz from my favorite animu, Gundam 00, with its recent episode [18].

While everyone is like…

Allelujah: Marie
Marie: Colonel
Saji: Louise
Louise: Saji
Tieria: Veda

Setsuna goes…


Which reminds me of this 4koma: