I’ve already told you in my previous post that I’m a WMP-hater. lulz and maybe by now, you know that you can extend WinAmp’s functionality using plugins.

here are two of the many plugins for WinAmp which I find cool:

Advanced mIRC Integration Plug-In [AMIP]

Website: http://amip.tools-for.net/

Download: AMIP for WinAmp 2.x and 5.x

If you’re a lurker in IRC, you must have seen some users show what’s playing in their music players, like this: [click to enlarge]

You can announce what’s currently playing in you’re WinAmp player to any channel in IRC, using AMIP.

The site provides intallation instructions. Should you have any other problems with scripting or announcing, I can help (a little perhaps). XD

Yahoo! Messenger Now Playing

Website: http://numedecod.ro/Yahoo_Messenger_NowPlaying/

Download: go to the website.

now, you are loving WinAmp but then you want to share what you’re listening to your Y!M buddies, and you’re using Yahoo Messenger version 8.x or 9.x so the old Y!M plug-ins for WinAmp won’t do the work… well, grab this one. ^^

Enjoy~ ^^