April 2009

I’m dying of moe overload. oh God. Mio is so moe.


anyway, more high definition wallies/pics below.



my friend shared this link to the site of the web genius, Akinator.


you just have to think of a character in your mind answer some questions and poof, he’ll guess it right. this is mindrape!!!

[click the images to enlarge]

it even guessed this right!!! amazing!

I know this is kinda late since Gundumb Gundam 00 has ended last month. and you probably have listened to grunty’s version of Namida no Mukuo if you download gSS’ release.

for some lulz, listen to these songs — grunty’s version of Gundam songs. Believe me, this is laughtrip. But he has a good singing voice, really.

listen to his version of  Tomorrow below. it’s epic. :P


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

my friend Roji was kind enough to put some effort in making the set of romaji lysircs for the songs in K-ON!’s recently released singles.

[.img and PDF; gomen, formatting in wordpress is too crappy >.>]


I found a MAD while Nico-ing last night dedicated to Kyou Fujibayashi of Clannad. It’s sooooo sad, and the song fits the theme well. makes everyone want to cry.  T^T T^T

anyway, just wanna share you this

lyrics and song DL link below.



apparently, someone leaked the full version in nico nico:

Don’t forget to buy the singles. They will be released on the 22nd of this month.

These songs aren’t rips from the CD, okay? don’t expect 1000++ kbits flacs. gah. I only encoded them to flac to maximize the what we have in the nico videos. if you want your damn 1000++ kbits flacs, wait for the 22nd or just die trying to encode the videos in nico to a HQ flac.

The singles have been released, so, GET! :P


So people raged after hearing about this, let’s see what’s really in it and see what others have to say about it.

but definitely, UNICEF is happy about this.

and oh, prepare to lol hard.


Quoting the official press release of the House of Representatives of the Republic of the Philippines

House wants to ban pornographic cartoon

12 April 2009 10:30:30 AM
Writer: J. Camero / I. Yambot Jr., MRS-PRIB

Hentai, the Japanese pornographic cartoon that depicts children in explicit sexual activity, is considered child pornography material and one may be severely penalized by just mere possession of it.

Oh God, sucky research and writing a bill banning something you don’t even understand. HENTAI =/= child pornography, goddamn it!

quoting Half-Rice:

“Hentai, the Japanese pornographic cartoon that depicts children in explicit sexual activity”

OMG @___@ epic fail in so many levels

it’s embarrassing to call myself a Filipino right now >__>

quoting Roji:

Now that is some a very intellectual definition on hentai as stated by these dumbfuck lawmakers. I salute them, really.


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