About the Event:

Ozine Fest is an annual event organized by the Otakuzine Anime Magazine staff to gather Anime Fans around the country. The first Ozine Fest was held at the Robinsons Galleria Trade Hall last December 16, 2005 with a total ticket sales of 3,752.

The second installment of Ozine Fest was held at the Le Pavillon, Metropolitan Park last July 30, 2006. The total ticket sales reached at 7,489.

Then the third Ozine Fest changed to a better and more accessible venue, SM Megamall Mega Trade Hall 2 last April 1, 2007. We raffled out a Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Motorolla Razr, and other gadgets to the first people who bought Pre-Sold tickets. The total ticket sales reached 9,893.

Our most recent event called Ozine Fest ’08 was also held at the Mega Trade Hall 2 for two days wherein we raffled a Sony PSP and Nintendo DS Lite for the first 100 to enter the venue, and an Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Ipod Touch for the attendees who purchased the 2-day pass. Based on the ticket sales from the day itself, and the pre-sold tickets from our establishment partners, we reached a total of 10,200 tickets sold.


Ozine Fest ’09 Review

Overall the event turned out fine but not great. Mainly for these reasons:

Venue: The venue was really small. just one Megatrade hall compared to 2 megatrade halls of some other events. People were like jam packed inside and everyone’s perspiration evaporated and turned into fluffy clouds. oui oui. The last part is a joke. lol I can’t blame the organizers if they want to cut on costs and just rent one megatrade instead of two. But a small venue for a lot of people… meh. I stayed most of the time outside the hall. lol

Stores/Stalls: With a small venue, only a few animu merchandise booths/stores were in there. well, ToyCon is the toy con. Though I must say the number of stores and the variety of merchandise available seems fine to me, since I’m only after the gundams and they have like 3 model kit stores there. lol but no WASABI?!!! meh

Programs: watching Battle of the Bands, singing contests, etc was fun due to some really funny contestants like the girl in her teenage years who sang a song like a 6 y/o kid. LOLI!!! [I forgot what song though]

Maid Cafe: hmm… I was expecting a decent cafe, but it turned out to be a cafe with unpainted plywood enclosure with tables topped with plain white tablecloth in it. The foods served were ok with the mango shake in a small plastic cup. But for the crossdressing guy meido, I’ll give the maid cafe a 7/10 rating. lol

Cosplay: the venue is small [oh I’ve said this several times already] therefore not much space cosplayers and costrippers to show off there costumes. big regrets: I didn’t get to see the costripping loli konata. T^T and also the Kagamine twin costrippers. T^T T^T

But I did enjoy the event. ^^

What I did:

  • ate hyde’s face [Maid cafe]
  • bought some gundams [just to try modeling]
  • bought some random items I found in stores there
  • watched a little of the cosplay
  • got a free pocky from dango!!! weee! well the others got some as well.
  • I saw kuya MAF with his awesome convenient gadget in taking pics with cosplayers. XD
  • I was able to watch rakuen play. wooohooo!
  • and ran away from cameras. ahahaha! though sol was able to trick me. hmf. for that, I’ll send his password to everyone. /gg /jk

Cosplay: Filipinos aren’t guilty of failplay. lol

Credits to dango for the awesome pics below. ^^
go to my friends multiply for moar: http://enxiong.multiply.com/photos/album/69/Ozine_Fest_2009#

Or visit his flickr site: http://www.flickr.com/photos/koka-kona

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LOLI Konata cosplayer FTW!!!

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HARD GAY! [ftw! for bringing yaoi spice to every animu convention. lulz]

The twins! O.O