well, I’ve been living in an apartment, duplex type with a shared backyard, here in Manila since 4 years ago.

I was cleaning yesterday and went out to our backyard to get the mop. and so a almost naked neighbor sitting washing clothes by hand tainted my “innocent” eyes. lol she was wearing a spaghetti strap top, really fit and small for her size [*cough* way too small for her oppai’s size which kinda reminds me of CC’s Animage cover which you can see above] and micro shorts. yes, micro shorts. so you can see her… I’ll leave that to your imagination. lol Srsly…

Actually this isn’t the first and the worst, last year, I woke up early and opened the backdoor to let the fresher air in, but instead the sight of my dear half naked neighbor, wearing only her panty, walking in their side of the shared backyard carrying a kettle knocked the hell out of me !!!!!111 I locked the door and shouted at my brother who just woke up, don’t you dare open that door or I’ll kill you! lol

Me talking to my guy friend about these stuff

me: can you imagine living with that kind of neighbor?

friend: *smile*

me: oh you. just tell me you want to live in my apartment. Im fine with it.

Note:  Our culture is conservative. Seeing this kind of things is not normal and immoral.


Oh I forgot to mention her 7 year old  son, that ecchi kid. I once looked after him during the day for 3 days in my apartment when they renovated their house. and good God, to him groping boobies is fun. Srsly… what kind of raising did she do to her son?! or is this because that kid grew up seeing his mom dress like a slut and some other factors I don’t know about? Good thing he’s not friends with my nieces who I babysit from time to time.