just finished watching the new episode [I know, i’m pitiful lol]. I spotted a troll in coalguys’ release. I lol’d hard.

“all your sweets are belong to me, the carefree fairy, hirasawa yui~”

that’s kristen for you. [kristen does chihiro’s TL]

the song is great, but Yui’s singing [second voice; and who happens to lose her voice after undergoing Sawa-chan’s training] kept me laughing the whole time but is still cute — she’s like a 2 year-old kid who just learned talking. XDDD

anyway, for the lulz from the carefree fairy, Hirasawa Yui, you can download the TV rip of the song below. plus, I also posted the fabulous lyrics written by the dangerous queen, Akiyama Mio.

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?tnjgmmztw4t

Album Details:

Fuwafuwa Time
Pony Canyon

Japan Audio CD
Not yet published or released Not yet published or released

In stock on May 20, 2009.

Price: US$ 11.90 (~567.79 PHP)


[Romaji: Chihiro; English: CoalGuys]

Kimi wo miteruto itsumo HEART doki doki
Every time I look at you, my heart starts thumping.

yureru omoi wa mashumaru mitaini fuwa fuwa
The swaying memories are like marshmallows, light and fluffy.

itsumo ganbaru
I’m always doing my best.

kimi no yoko kao
Always looking at the side of your face.

zutto mitete mo, kidzukanai youne
You haven’t noticed, have you?

Yume no naka nara
If it’s a dream,

futari no kyori chidzime ra meru nonina
the distance between us will shorten!

aa Kami-sama
Dear God,

onegai, futaridake no dorimu taimu kudasai
please give us the dream time that only belongs to both of us!

okiniiri no usachan daite, konya mo oyasumi
I say good night while hugging my beloved bunny.

fuwafuwa time
Light and fluffy time.

fuwafuwa time
Light and fluffy time.

fuwafuwa time
Light and fluffy time.