haha. expect randomness to the next level in this post.

I wonder when can I eat indian mangoes without someone asking me whether I’m pregnant or what.

it’s 12am in my clock and I’m not sleepy yet. I actually want to eat unripe Indian mango atm, but too lazy to get up and get one from the chiller. (≖‿≖) I don’t really get why I crave for Indian mango this past week to the point that my parents would be like:

[Dad saw me getting an indian mango from the chiller]

Dad: You seem to crave unripe mangoes, are you by any chance….
me: certainly not. ( 、_, )

[Mom saw me getting another indian mango from the chiller]

Mom: Are you pregnant?
me: ┐(-。ー;)┌  that’s the nth time you asked me that.

Here, in our country, women in their early months of pregnancy are said to crave for sour foods especially indian mango; they call it “paglilihi.” I don’t know if there’s an English term for this coz I think this unique to our country’s culture. well, I don’t care about that, all I want is to eat mangoes peacefully — with no one getting suspicious of anything. ( ̄、 ̄;)

I want to go to Caramoan!!!!

we’ll leave tomorrow for the province, one place which I kinda miss [not just kinda I guess (;¯‿¯) ehehehe] and I actually found this fabulous resort in caramoan peninsula, just near our province. demo…. my Dad didn’t allow me to go there. he said the one-hour boat ride to Gota Island is dangerous, since the waves are big blah blah blah. 。・゚・(ノД`)・゚・。 I rode a passenger boat to Masbate when I was young alone, and the boat ride was like 4-hours. a 1-hour boat ride is nothing. uguuu~ I guess I have to wait for next year to explore Caramoan. *sigh* Caramoaaaaaaan!!!!!!!11

But I finally got a new camera. hihi.

Why do I never get tired of listening to Eraserheads’ songs?

A friend — who always get sleepy when he’s with me because I gave out this sleepy aura [daw] that’s so contagious that it gets to him [but apparently only to him] — gave me a CD of Eraserheads‘ [really] successful reunion concert last Tuesday; I’m actually listening to the album atm. I grew up listening to their songs; I appreciated their music more when I entered high school. I valued more their music when I entered college. I really just don’t get tired of it. Maybe it’s in their unique style or the theme of their songs [college life/ school life]. hmmm…. I don’t know in particular what’s behind the immortality of their music — that people still listen to their songs even if they disbanded a long time ago. I actually wish for them to get back together and continue making great songs that will last another generation or even more. but it’s been years since they disbanded, it’s sad to see that they’ve drifted far apart with their own careers and lives that my dream of hearing new E-heads songs is nearly impossible. Oh well, I still love this band and their songs. (ゃ’∀’)ノ

Here are some of their songs, in case you might want to listen to them.

Now I’m sleepy… *goes to bed* zzzzzZZZZZZ