it’s been weeks since I got back from my long vacation [well, it was just for 2 weeks, but that’s long already. (;¯‿¯)].

And K-On [animu] was cut to 12 episodes. KyoAni!!! the 13th episode is an extra story.

back to my vacation. Has was it? great with lots of surprises. ehehe.

After taking enough rest from our flight to Albay and a short tour of the city [Legazpi], we went to Masbate — 1 hour ride to Pilar Port then another 2-hour boat ride to Masbate. before, like 10 years ago, the trip takes around 4 hours or more on a wooden motor boat, but thanks to these the travel time was cut to half.  But I tried riding those wooden motor boats to Masbate — t’was tiring and a bit scary.  (;¯‿¯)

[pictures I took while I was inside the yacht.]

Arriving in Masbate, we headed to our relatives’ houses [a lot really]. got too tired to the point of it’s-fine-to-sleep-on-the-floor-just-let-me-rest-now!!!.  and right, i got my share of free mangoes [in Manila, I had to buy them for 10 pesos each. >.<] in my Lola’s [grandmother’s] house. She saved some of the produce for us, coz she knew I’d ask for some mangoes. waaa. lola, I love you!

The next day, I woke up really early to attend the mass. seriously, I don’t do this in Manila; even waking up early in the morning. I once thought evening masses are God’s gift for me. XDDD But, meh… the mass was in Minasbate [the local/vernacular language in Masbate]; I found myself struggling to understand what the priest was saying most of the time. ┐(-。ー;)┌ I can understand a little Minasbate. He spoke a little Tagalog and I can remember the priest saying soemthing about the sex scandal which has been the topic of most entertainment news programs this past month ’til now. He said something like, “yung sex scandal, madali lang kayo makakahanap ng kopya nun. malabo nga lang” [you can easily find a copy of the sex scandal, though the video is probably blurred] Father, how did you know the copies are blurred? don’t tell me you watched the sex video. (゚ロ゚ノ)ノ lulz the sermon was about the use of modern form of communication in spreading the word of God. ehehehe.


After the mass, we took another boat ride to Ticao Island, where we’d stay for a little while before going to Burobangkaso Island and parteh. XD This time we rode a smaller wooden bangka, but I’m used to riding those already. Even to walking on 3 [slippery] bamboos tied together to bridge the boat to the pier with the bangka moving up and down a bit due to waves. (≖‿≖) it’s a skill. XD

[first pic: pic I took while on the boat]
[second pic: small port in Ticao Island]

Took yet another boat for another 1 1/2 hour ride to the small island of Burobangkaso. yes, I was traveling in a boat most of the time — and free [we don’t have to pay the fare. we have connections. /gg so I can basically ride as much as I want from island to island.] lulz. but it was all worth it when I had my first glimpse of the famed island. The island is pretty small; the beach too [is small] and we have it all to ourselves. hnn! one side is a beautiful white sand beach and the other side has a rocky shore, perfect for rock climbing. ^^ the water is not that salty because of  fresh water from a nearby falls. well, here are the pics I took while in the island.

[my Tito's motor bangka which we rode to Burobangkaso Is.]

[the pic: those are my knees. lulz.
my Tita's plastic bag, my cousin's back]
[the message: I was starting to get bored
during the 1 1/2 hour boat ride]

[the falls I was talking about earlier]
[too bad, it's summer so we didn't see much water going down >.<]

[my first glimpse of Burobangkaso's beach. yummy!]

[err.. thanks to Manong tripulante for this
supposedly candid pic. ehehe]

[Twilight: view from the balcony of my Tita's house]
[oh right, the my brother's back. /gg ]
[I took a lot of candid pics of my brother. XD]

[oh just some interesting pics I took]
[isn't spidey cute? :3]