NOTE: Only new series are included in the rankings. Continuing series like Gundam 00 and Nodame Cantabile are not included.

Rank 1: Kannagi (107 discussion threads)

I’m currently watching Kannagi so I understand why this is in the number 1 spot. Plus the recent chaos and amusing outrage of Nagi worshipers regarding the issue of Nagi’s virginity must have heated up the discussion of this animu.

Rank 2: Toradora! (95 discussion threads)

No raging otakus for this anime though. A well deserved rank for the second most tsundere character hailed by Megami Magazine, Taiga, and her gang. Just to give you another way of looking at its popularity, a minimum of 30,000 unique downloaders download CoalGuys’ Toradora! release, and you have to consider those who watch the anime raw, in streaming sites and DLs the release of other fansub groups. ^^ The story is good; the humor is great; and Taiga is not the second most tsundere character, she’s the queen, ultimate, best, optimum, superlative! XDDD well, I love this anime.

Rank 3: Ga-Rei Zero (78 discussion threads)

What’s so good about this anime is its unusual plot. Killing most of the protagonists in the first two episodes, who won’t get curious on how the story will go and watch this animu? XDDD  No fangirl/boy material, though the character design is good. The main  selling point of this animu is the story, just imagine how good the story is. Other selling points are the bloody fight scenes *cough* and bloody sword-wielding bishoujos taming beasts. I really hope there will be another season; it would be good to see the main heroine wield Ga-Rei (the spiritual dragon). 8) And this was adapted from a popular manga of the same name, BTW.

Rank 4: To Aru Majutsu no Index (65 discussion threads)

If you got hooked by the likes of Shakugan no Shana, you’ll probably end up liking this animu too. ^^ The story is pretty much Shakugan no Shana-ish except that the main heroine is the one being pursued this time. XDD Having said that, it’s understandable why this anime ranked 4th among 2channers. ;)

Rank 5: Kurogane no Linebarrel (38 discussion threads)

This is one hell of a mecha anime. Erogane no Linebarrel is a better title.yes, it’s ecchi. lol to the method of activating the mech — touching the chest of a girl with big boobies. XDDD oh well, enough said.

Rank 6: Tale of the Abyss (33 discussion threads)

Rank 7: Chaos;Head (27 discussion threads)

Rank 8: Hyakko (22 discussion threads)

Rank 9: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (19 discussion threads)

Shikabane Hime Aka  (19 discussion threads)

Rank 10: Kyou no Go no ni (16 discussion threads)



*1 1,678,208 ONE PIECE 50
*2 1,645,128 NANA -ナナ- 19
*3 1,209,551 のだめカンタービレ 20 / Nodame Cantabile 20
*4 1,188,881 NARUTO-ナルト- 43
*5 1,081,575 鋼の錬金術師 19 / Full Metal Alchemist 19
*6 *,874,153 BLEACH-ブリーチ- 34
*7 *,863,240 HUNTER×HUNTER 25
*8 *,815,648 花より男子 37 / Hana yori Dango 37
*9 *,649,089 君に届け 7 / Kimi ni Todoke
10 *,632,495 D.Gray-man 15
11 *,631,968 PLUTO 6
12 *,630,147 バガボンド 28 / Vagabond 28
13 *,626,445 名探偵コナン 61 / Meitantei Conan
14 *,613,934 家庭教師ヒットマン! 20 / Kateikyo Hitman Reborn 20
15 *,534,624 おおきく振りかぶって 10 / Ookiku Furikabutte 10
16 *,529,210 黒執事 4 / Kuroshitsuji 4
17 *,524,031 銀魂-ぎんたま- 24 / Gintama 24
18 *,513,007 桜蘭高校ホスト部 12  / Ouran Koukou Host Club 12
19 *,453,193 リアル 8  / Real 8
20 *,452,793 よつばと! 8 / Yotsuba&! 8
21 *,451,942 ×××HOLiC 13
22 *,432,563 デトロイト・メタル・シティ 5 / Detroit Metal City 5
23 *,428,611 聖☆おにいさん 2 / Sei-Onii-san 2

Yay! Nodame banzai! fu~

The other mangas on the list are expected to be there. gah, naruto, bleach, reborn, d.grayman and one piece. But I was surprised to see Hana Yori Dango in top ten. O.O


Premieres Sun. Jan 04, 2009

Airtime: Sundays 24:30

Genres: comedy, romance

Themes: cross dressing, shoujo ai

Episodes: 13

Opening Theme:

“HANAJI” by Yu Kobayashi
Ending Theme:

“Kimi ni, Mune Kyun (君に、胸キュン)” by Yu Kobayashi, Asami Sanada and Marina Inoue

A yuri-partner-seeking girl finds a crossdressing sadistic guy instead in a an all-girls school. Isn’t this quite fun, guys? I’m betting on this anime. *added to my winter watch list)

Zoku Natsume Yuujin-chou

Premieres Jan. 05

Airtime: Mondays 25:00

Genres: comedy, drama, supernatural

Episodes: 13

Natsume Takashi has the ability to see spirits, which he has long kept secret. However, once he inherits a strange book that belonged to his deceased grandmother, Reiko, he discovers the reason why spirits surround him. Containing the names of these spirits, a binding contract was formed between the spirits and the owner of the book. Now, Natsume is determined to free the spirits and dissolve the contracts. With the help of a spirit cat, his days are filled trying to return the names to these spirits.”

Source: ANN

Due too the unusual short watch list I’m having this winter, I’m adding this. I haven’t seen season 1 so I have to catch up before Jan 5.

From here on, the animes are ordered according to release date.

Shikabane Hime: Kuro

Premieres Jan. 01

Airtime: Sundays 10:30

Genres: supernatural, action

Episodes: 13

The story goes like this: a bishoujo hunting 108 corpses in order to go to heaven. Pretty simple plot for supernatural and action anime, yet exciting (perhaps). And let me get things clear, this isn’t a season 2 of Shikabane-hime: Aka; this is a “cour.” A cour, a cour, a cour. why? coz this was aired immediately after the first one. so this isn’t a season 2.

Maria-sama ga Miteru 4th Season

Premieres Jan. 03

Airtime: Sundays 10:30

Genres: Shoujo-ai, Yuri

Episodes: 13

Alright, more yuri. gah! /me wants yaoi.  lol well, anyway, another cour and season of yuri-ness. ahhh! my eyes hurt! Yuri is making my eyes hurt. lol. Definitely, not in my list. Yuri is for guys, but for girls, yaoi is good entertainment. gah.


Premieres Jan. 03

Airtime: Saturdays 24:00

Genres: comedy, romance

Episodes: 12

Opening Theme:

“Miracle Plan ga Dekichatta! (ミラクル・プランができちゃった!)” by Charmmy Queen

I’m not really acquainted with this anime. All I know is that this is an adaptation of a manga serialized in Ultra Jump and illustrated by the co-illustrator of Shuffle! It’s a love comedy about cans that transforms to hot girls and rely carbon dioxide to survive which they acquire by kissing! lol Men in this anime must be experiencing a heaven-on-earth.


Premieres Jan. 03

Airtime: Saturdays 26:00 (2:00 AM)

Genres: romance

Opening Theme:

“Shinai (深愛)” by Nana Mizuki
Ending Theme:

“Maiochiru Yuki no Youni (舞い落ちる雪のように)” by Suara

Aya Hirano (seiyuu of Konata and Haruhi) will voice the main character’s girlfriend here. And this came from a eroge released in 1998. This will also star Nana Mizuki (seiyuu of Fate Testarossa in Nanoha). Someone said that the story would be different from the game. Next in-line to True Tears?

Minami-ke Okaeri

Premieres Jan. 04

Airtime: Sundays 25:30

Genres: comedy, slice of life

Episodes: 13

Opening Theme:

“Keikenchi Soku Joujou↑↑ (経験値速上々↑↑)” by Rina Satou, Marina Inoue and Minori Chihara
Ending Theme:

“Zettai Colorful Sengen (絶対カラフル宣言)” by Rina Satou, Marina Inoue and Minori Chihara

More comedy and slice of life from the Minami sisters. This is the 3rd season of this anime BTW, just to keep track of the number.

Sora o Kakeru Shoujo

Premieres Jan. 05

Airtime: Mondays 25:00

Episodes: 13

Opening Theme:

“Hadaka Eve Shinseiki (裸々イヴ新世紀)” by ALI PROJECT
Ending Theme:

“Sora wa Shōjo no Tomodachisa (宇宙は少女のともだちさ)” by Mako, Aya Endo, and Yui Makino

The new title of Sunrise for winter. And the title is an apparent wordplay of “Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo ” (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time),  the popular novel that has been adapted into movies, live-actions and manga. well, if you don’t know, “Sora o Kakeru Shoujo” in English is “The Girl Who Leapt Through Space (or the Heavens).”

The story is set in the year 311 of the Orbital Calendar, when humanity has migrated to countless colony clusters in space. A space colony girl named Akiha Shishidō encounters a malevolent artificial intelligence named Leopard that has been installed on a colony. Akiha is joined by an Inter-Colony Police officer named Itsuki Kannagi, a taciturn young girl named Honoka Kawai, and a robot named Imoko “Imo-chan” Shishidō.

Source: ANN


Premieres Jan. 06

Airtime: Tuesdays 22:00

Opening Theme:

“R.O.C.K.” by iLL

Can be a GAR alternative but by the looks of it, this anime will bore me. The story is set in a war torn era and is about the lives of some people working for a private military company.

Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger

Premieres Jan. 06

Airtime: Tuesdays 25:29

Genres: tournament

Themes: boxing, sports

Episodes: 13
Yes, Ippo is back, after errr… 6-8 years (?). We all know Ippo Makunochi, I suppose. This new season will continue the story of the pro-boxer Ippo in his quest to be Japan’s best boxer. I really don’t know why, but I was fascinated by this anime when this was first aired. The story got me perhaps. XD

Asu no Yoichi!

Premieres Jan. 08

Airtime: Thursdays 25:29

Genres: comedy, romance

Opening Theme:

“Egao no Riyuu (笑顔の理由)” by meg rock
Ending Theme:

“Life and proud” by Aki Misato
The titular character Yoichi decides to leave his family’s mountainside home after his father tells him there is nothing more he can learn in martial arts there. The teenaged boy ends up in a martial arts dojo in the city with four girls.
Source: ANN
Alright, expect discrete oppai service from this anime’s characters. :))

Tower of Druaga ~ The Sword of URUK~

Premieres Jan. 08

Airtime: Thursdays 25:30

Genres: adventure, fantasy, romance

Episodes: 12
The animation is good. But I’m tired of this kind of anime. For the sake of giving you an idea of what this anime is, here:

The continuation of Tower of Druaga: The Aegis of Uruk, the fantasy adventure series (originally based on a 80’s arcade game) should pick up right after the somewhat unfufilling ending of the first series.

Source: Sankaku Complex

Gonzo is having financial troubles recently. They are even venturing into an ecchi anime in the hopes of getting more profit from that kind of anime.

Kurokami The Animation

Premieres Jan. 08

Airtime: Thursdays 26:40

Episodes: 11

Opening Theme:

“Sympathizer” by Minami Kuribayashi
Ending Theme:

“Irodori no Nai Sekai (彩の無い世界)” by Yousei Teikoku

An adaptation of supernatural action manga Kurokami (also known as Kurokami: Black God), to be produced by Sunrise. The story begins with a young man, Keita, who is saved from death after a sudden battle by a Mototsumitama (a sort of superhuman) named Kuro who replaces his severed left arm with her own – as she is a Mototsumitama she can recover, but a bond is formed between them forcing them to remain together.

In a major departure from the manga, the former college-aged computer programmer Keita is now a high-school student. Interestingly, the manga is actually made by a two-man Korean manhwa team but is a Japanese-language manga published in the Young Gangan magazine.

Source: Sankaku Complex

Pretty interesting. I might consider watching this.

Tetsuwan Birdy DECODE:02

Premieres Jan. 09

Airtime: Fridays 26:10

Genres: action, science fiction

Episodes: 13

Opening Theme:

“Sora” by Heart’s Glow
Ending Theme:

“Let’s Go Together” by Afromania

MAJOR 5th season

Premieres Jan. 10

Airtime: Saturdays 18:00

Genres: comedy, drama, tournament
Themes: Baseball, Sports
Age rating: All Ages (Nothing objectionable)
I don’t really watch this anime since it first airing in 2004, but man, they’ve grown. XDD
I’ll continue with this list next time… have to do my homework now. >.>