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Though my friends know that I’ve never been with my Mom and Dad for more than a year — real cumulative day-count since I was born. Christmas is one day that he and my mom never miss to celebrate with us. *sobs* lulz But now is the first time that our family will be spending Christmas separately. Thanks to some of my relatives who Trans-Amed after hearing the news about my grandmother giving her free estate to my brother and I — her paboritong mga apo. A sarcasm obviously; how could I be thankful to such money hungry beings. The free estate being the mangahan and coprahan, they have the right all the reasons to go after it. I don’t really care about who gets those anyway. SO my mom has to go to another province to settle things with our raging relatives and can’t spend Christmas with us.

I don’t understand why I’m affected by this, but this is also the first time I’ve seen my brother get affected as well. hay… Maybe there has to be something that we both treasure in this season even if we consider ourselves manhid or immune from the doldrums of being neglected by our own parents for so long.

Pic, unrelated either.

Pic, unrelated.


March 28

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