a well-made MAD. they say it’s cute, demo… just watch it yourself. XD


Source: 【ニコニコ動画】ふわふわ時間 2コーラス目までver.

Found this this morning. the recording is… horrible [though].

anyway, may 20 is close, so just download or buy the single.

Album Details:

Fuwafuwa Time
Pony Canyon

Japan Audio CD
Not yet published or released Not yet published or released

In stock on May 20, 2009.

Price: US$ 11.90 (~567.79 PHP)

gawd, I’m really not feeling well. -.-

i was bored yesterday so I made this; the timing is sucky though. lol
I followed the styling in ga-rei OP kara by aerosubs
and used the romaji lyrics of chihiro and coalguys for the english lyrics.


Download links:

[.mkv, softsubs]:

[mp4 for mobile devices]:

just finished watching the new episode [I know, i’m pitiful lol]. I spotted a troll in coalguys’ release. I lol’d hard.

“all your sweets are belong to me, the carefree fairy, hirasawa yui~”

that’s kristen for you. [kristen does chihiro’s TL]

the song is great, but Yui’s singing [second voice; and who happens to lose her voice after undergoing Sawa-chan’s training] kept me laughing the whole time but is still cute — she’s like a 2 year-old kid who just learned talking. XDDD

anyway, for the lulz from the carefree fairy, Hirasawa Yui, you can download the TV rip of the song below. plus, I also posted the fabulous lyrics written by the dangerous queen, Akiyama Mio.


well, i’ve been gathering K-On pics from danbooru. and now my archive has around 199 pics. XD Just felt like sharing it so here:

WARNING: Too much moe. lulz

Now I kinda understand why Konata’s Dad [Lucky Star] wanted to die of moe. oui oui


I’m dying of moe overload. oh God. Mio is so moe.


anyway, more high definition wallies/pics below.


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my friend Roji was kind enough to put some effort in making the set of romaji lysircs for the songs in K-ON!’s recently released singles.

[.img and PDF; gomen, formatting in wordpress is too crappy >.>]