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*tries to calm down*
*tries to calm down*
*tries to calm down*
*tries to calm down*
*tries to calm down*
*deep breath*

after 3 fucking years of Kadokawa’s god-tier trolls, FI-NA-LLY!!!!

I first heard of this from my friend roji.

well, the buzz started when the preview at the end of epsiode 7 announced the title of the next episode [episode 8] which is Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody, which is not in the first season.

anyway, it’s been confirmed, epsiode 8 is indeed part of the new season.

here are some yummy screenies:

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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
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キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!
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noticed the bamboo? better love that. lol

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(((( ;゚д゚))))

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long-haired haruhi… yummy! キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!!

New ED. yum yum.(≖‿≖)


more screenies here [just keep on scrolling down for more]: http://dec.2chan.net/24/res/3664791.htm


it’s been a few hours since the airing of the 8th episode of haruhi, and let’s see how the others reacted:


if you failed to catch this epic event, the websites of these two fansub groups had the SOS logo in it and nothing else.

CoalGuys’ page | gg’s page

Mio’s reaction after hearing about the news of haruhi season 2:

a message from Nagisa regarding Haruhi seaosn 2:


and so the war started; HARUHIFAGS vs K-ONFAGS ヽ( >∀<)ノ AHAHA

waa!!! i really need to sleep. i need to wake up really early. >.<


After laughingly  saying that they had not started working on Haruhi-chan yet, Haruhi.tv announced the premiere date for Haruhi-chan parody shorts. Oh God, are they making fun of us? At least this would be a good Haruhi alternative while waiting [actually, waaaaiiiiiting] for the much anticipated second series.

In any case, the first episode will stream Friday, February 13th (22:00 JST) — around 9pm here in the Philippines — in Kadokawa’s YouTube channel. Succeeding episodes will be released weekly in an irregular time schedule.

There’s also this Nyoron Churuya-chan, but I don’t know the details.

*Staff Credits:

  • Director: Takemoto Yasuhiro (Full Metal Panic, Lucky☆Star, new Haruhi series 2)
  • Animation Production: Kyoto Animation

*Haruhi-chan Song Credits:

  • OP Title: “Imamade no Arasuji”
  • Lyrics: Hata Aki
  • Composition: Kousaki Satoru
  • Vocals: SOS-dan/brigade (Haruhi, Kyon, Mikuru, Itsuki, Yuki)