NOTE: Only new series are included in the rankings. Continuing series like Gundam 00 and Nodame Cantabile are not included.

Rank 1: Kannagi (107 discussion threads)

I’m currently watching Kannagi so I understand why this is in the number 1 spot. Plus the recent chaos and amusing outrage of Nagi worshipers regarding the issue of Nagi’s virginity must have heated up the discussion of this animu.

Rank 2: Toradora! (95 discussion threads)

No raging otakus for this anime though. A well deserved rank for the second most tsundere character hailed by Megami Magazine, Taiga, and her gang. Just to give you another way of looking at its popularity, a minimum of 30,000 unique downloaders download CoalGuys’ Toradora! release, and you have to consider those who watch the anime raw, in streaming sites and DLs the release of other fansub groups. ^^ The story is good; the humor is great; and Taiga is not the second most tsundere character, she’s the queen, ultimate, best, optimum, superlative! XDDD well, I love this anime.

Rank 3: Ga-Rei Zero (78 discussion threads)

What’s so good about this anime is its unusual plot. Killing most of the protagonists in the first two episodes, who won’t get curious on how the story will go and watch this animu? XDDD  No fangirl/boy material, though the character design is good. The main  selling point of this animu is the story, just imagine how good the story is. Other selling points are the bloody fight scenes *cough* and bloody sword-wielding bishoujos taming beasts. I really hope there will be another season; it would be good to see the main heroine wield Ga-Rei (the spiritual dragon). 8) And this was adapted from a popular manga of the same name, BTW.

Rank 4: To Aru Majutsu no Index (65 discussion threads)

If you got hooked by the likes of Shakugan no Shana, you’ll probably end up liking this animu too. ^^ The story is pretty much Shakugan no Shana-ish except that the main heroine is the one being pursued this time. XDD Having said that, it’s understandable why this anime ranked 4th among 2channers. ;)

Rank 5: Kurogane no Linebarrel (38 discussion threads)

This is one hell of a mecha anime. Erogane no Linebarrel is a better title.yes, it’s ecchi. lol to the method of activating the mech — touching the chest of a girl with big boobies. XDDD oh well, enough said.

Rank 6: Tale of the Abyss (33 discussion threads)

Rank 7: Chaos;Head (27 discussion threads)

Rank 8: Hyakko (22 discussion threads)

Rank 9: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka (19 discussion threads)

Shikabane Hime Aka  (19 discussion threads)

Rank 10: Kyou no Go no ni (16 discussion threads)



After the hiatus due to some serious health issues of the mangaka, Eri Takenashi, it has been announced that Kanagi will resume publication after the news of Eri Takenashi’s successful surgery.

We are aware that we have caused the readers of “Kannagi” a great deal of concern through the matter of its suspension.

Takenashi was abruptly struck down by a sudden illness shortly after the manuscript for the December issue of ComicREX was completed, and after this she was immediately hospitalised due to her critical condition; as a result, publication of Kannagi was suspended.

After this, she underwent surgery, which proved successful, and now her condition is favourable and she is moving towards a period of convalescence.

After the publication of the January edition of ComicREX, there were some reports to the effect that “Takenashi has ceased publication due to the calumnies she was subjected to”, but this is not the case.

Takenashi is currently hospitalised, but even so she has expressed a desire to move towards resuming her writing.

We hope that readers will be kind enough to wait whilst she convalesces.

— ComicREX

The prayers worked! I’m so glad. Just yesterday, ComiREX issued a clarification about speculations of some otakus that the cessation of Kannagi manga was due to the violent reactions that stormed the internet and the 3D world regarding the issue of Nagi’s virginity.

“The author’s health is in a bad way, and she can no longer write. If she recovers, we may hear an explanation from her.”

— ComicREX

This was also confirmed by, Kazuya Minekura, another mangaka in her blog writing: “At the current time (yesterday) she can’t even move her body.

well that’s finished and it’s good the Eri Takenashi’s condition is better now.

I just hope the raging otakus stop with their ridiculous impulsive actions that would dishearten the recuperating mangaka.

I’ve been hearing stuffs about this animu over the IRC. Apparently there’s this fuss about one animu character, worshiped by millions, that’s been “looming” the internet for the past month. (don’t argue against this statement; just take this as a fact already. lol to people who are paying more than 10,000 pesos (around $200) for a simple Nagi Fans Club Membership card with their name on it.)

ok, here’s the story.

First meet Nagi (of Kannagi). yes, she’s the flat-chested goddess that made every man go gaga over her.

Nagi Futomomo of Kannagi

Nagi of Kannagi Crazy Shrine Maidens

Then there’s this recent chapter of Kannagi manga where it was revealed that Nagi has an “ex-boyfriend” and thus she might be in fact a “second-hand.” And what else can we expect from the millions of followers of Nagi-sama… Their goddess has been desecrated, deflowered, by a fu***** bastard and not by them (pertaining to Nagi’s 3D followers) blah blah blah… yes, they Trans-Am’d . I know this is quite an overreaction but that’s how it is when we’re talking about otakus whose maxim is 2D is better than 3D. I’ve been lurking around otaku hotspots over the internet for the past years and I’ve met people who have nothing to say but “*insert a bishie here* is my waifu,” “I’m married to *insert bishie here.* Believe it, people can go awfully crazy over a 2D character. (pity on us, 3D girls. lol) here’s a proof:

Kannagi defiled!

Kannagi defiled!

Really, quite a phenomenal reaction from an otaku upon learning that Nagi had a boyfriend and may in fact be just a hand-down. This pic was posted in 2ch — quite the extreme public display of craziness remonstrance after being betrayed by his 2D wife (when did marrying a 2D character become publicly enforceable?! lol).

And then the manga ceased publication due to the mangaka’s “health issues” (at least according to the publishing company).

No word from the publisher so far as to when the manga will resume.


well, as for me, I’ll just observe this amusing craziness chaos from afar. XD