Wow it’s been a while since I last updated my blog. XD thanks to my professors who left a delinquent with no other choice but to work harder [well, the real reason is I don’t want to part with my hefty allowance that my generous father gives me]. lulz

Here are some random stories about some random craps that happened to me while I was “away”

——You don’t give flyers for wedding services to just anyone who passes by your booth.——

I was in mall to get the faulty LCD driver replaced when I passed by a cluster of wedding planner booths. Then this lady gave me a flyer for their wedding services. asjdkhajksdgajksdg!!! I just refused while smiling. I don’t look like someone who’ll get married soon or has plans of marrying, do I? And I’m 19; is she telling me I look older? is she insulting me?! lulz though most probably not. XD but giving out flyers about their wedding services to just anyone who seems old enough is tactless and funny. XDDD

——“Oh, the class is starting. I should start sleeping.”——

It’s been hell for me these past few days and I rare for me to get more than 4 hours of sleep in a day. And earlier, I said those lines during our Advanced Accounting class. I don’t want to insult my prof [we love you Prof Chinese Buddha! you’ve been doing your best to teach us and help us get good grades and we appreciate your efforts a lot. ^^] but I was soooo damn sleeepy that opening my eyes was a burden. And so I fell asleep, in front of my prof and I was sooo damn obvious. And my friends who were sitting next to me just started laughing and commented “magaling, magaling” [magaling means good]. From what I know, they also fell asleep during that 3-hour loooong class. >:P Now I don’t know how to face my prof properly next time. >.< But maybe he’ll understand. >.<

——A generous dad is generous——

Papa you’re so cool!!! 8) I was so tired after surviving my management accounting report in front of a panel of professors, so was my brother who’s busy with the system he’s programming, but then my Dad came cheering us up with a new LCD for our compy. weee! And it’s a Samsung with a sleek crystal black-red finish. <3 I hope you get another big contract so you’ll come home with a new Bravia. >:] kidding. we love you, Papa!!!

stolen from DannyChoo XD

——A new Gundamu!——

Yes, they confirmed it. well, much more this was expected of them sicne 2009 is a Gundam year. banzai!!! The new series will feature RX-78-7 mobile suit — quite your old Gundam — designed by the veteran Hajime Katoki. The lead character, Hugues Couraud,  is a 32-year-old [aw so old. >.> lulz] officer in command of an Earth Federations Phantom Sweep Team — which sweeps the remnants of the losing Zeon forces. Another main character would be Sherry Allison, 24 years old, a test pilot but also joins the field group. From the opposing side, Zeon, is Eric Blanke a 20-year-old officer born to a prominent family in Zeon. He is leading the counteroffensive unit named Invincible Knights to avenge the Zeons’ loss to the Earth Federation.

The story is set in 0081 of the Universal Calendar, one year after end of the One Year War. While peace and order are being restored to the world, small-scale battles still crop up here and there due to Zeon remnants continuing to offer resistance. A veteran Earth Federation officer assigned to mopping up the remaining Zeon forces, and a young off

icer executing a top secret operation to revive the Zeons, cross paths on this new battlefield. [Source: ANN]


If you recall my previous post about the tale of the tilapias we bought, during the same day, 2 groups of strangers called us “anak mayaman” [rich kid] while we were buying stuff in the public market — you know when you feel weirded out and they are talking while looking at you. Maybe because we casually speak in English when talking to each other — err… we’re doing that to gain better command of the language. And maybe because my brother blurts out French words/phrases from time to time and I just happen to understand “oui,” “non,” “merci” and “si’l te plait.” Or maybe this has to do with my brother’s hottie-ness. hmm… *looks at nii-san* *immitates Sunako of Wallflower* OMG you’re too bright! *melts* AHAHAHAHA! (>^o^)>

Lesson: you don’t speak English nor French while in a public market. oui… oui…


I woke up reading an SMS from my ex which basically ruined my day. But realizing my nii-san would be in school the whole and that I could have the net for myself while my French-speaking-net-gaming-addict big brother is gone, I got all genki-genki again. nyuu~ yes, my brother is the reason why I’ve been on a partial blogging hiatus for a week already. He’s basically playing every minute he’s in this house.

Lesson: Men are pretty influential.


Before lunch, I received a call from my adviser/teacher in high school. She thanked me for the UP shirt I bought for her and other random stuff of the past. And she said something like “I am not someone who can move mountains… blah blah blah” It sounded familiar so I was trying to fucking remember any book I read where she could possibly quoted that from. then. . . . . . . . . ROFL. oh you dear teacher. you quoted me in my valedictory address. ahahahahaha! So she listened to that crap, four years ago. She the told me she was actually rereading my speech that time when she called me. :O

Lessons: [1] Be careful of what crap you put in your speeches coz you might regret how those lines struck/affected your listeners. [2] She’s [referring to my teacher who called me] not just a fan of my gorgeous mom. (>.<)


Then in the afternoon, I watched Clannad After Story episode 17. I was expecting a lighter episode after episode 16’s heeaaaavvvy drama. T^T But fuck, Tomoya is being harsh to Ushio-chan. T^T why you do that, Tomoya? whyyyy? You should treasure Ushio-chan moar! [anyway, he’ll come to being a good dad in a few episodes]

Lesson: Tomoya, undoubtedly, you’re envied more by a lot of lolicons men after having Ushio-chan.


And finally, some nice lulz from my favorite animu, Gundam 00, with its recent episode [18].

While everyone is like…

Allelujah: Marie
Marie: Colonel
Saji: Louise
Louise: Saji
Tieria: Veda

Setsuna goes…


Which reminds me of this 4koma:


Earlier I went to the public market with my big brother. And we found this store selling some fresh tilapia — so damn fresh that they’re actually [still] moving… errr… yanking. *shiver* they were all suffocating — gasping for air, laborously *redundant*. and when my nii-san finally got two big ones and put them in the weighing scale… a moment after, oho, they jumped off. hmm.. they must really hate being cooked. uhuh.. Then we had them cleaned  — had the gills and other organs removed, — but guess what, they’re still moving. We had the others chopped, but the parts are still moving. T^T A few minutes after, they’re still moving. still moving. still moving! still moving!!!  (>.<) I was grossed out and made my nii-san carry the plastic of semi-alive Tilapias. Maybe not grossed out, I just can’t stand the atrocity of witnessing them die slowly. T^T

Oh, if you don’t know tilapia, it’s this fish.

I’ve been gone for a few days, well actually 2 long days — getting over another great depression, surprises and disappointments.

Great Depression. I failed my exams badly… I don’t want to talk about this now. haha. I just suck and I failed so badly.

Surprises. I received a letter from McKinsey and Co. — a really big multinational consultancy firm — inviting me to their cocktail. They are known for inviting only the best students — *cough* academically. So when I received my letter of invitation, the first reaction of the people around me is “this is a mistake!” haha. they have  a point; why would a delinquent be invited by a company as prestigious a McKinsey? So my grades aren’t that bad or should I say my grades are still not that bad. :))

Disappointments. I DLed Toradora’s new OP and ED, and I find them mediocre. yes, they have cute voices, but they’re not catchy enough. I’ll upload the rips and the singles later.

I am a delinquent, I don’t deny that. I only study the night before the exam; sometimes, I don’t study at all — relying on minimal logic to pass my exams. haha! I don’t do my homework; I solve the problem the moment I’m called to show my homework and discuss it in class. :)) I don’t listen when the topic bores me; in fact my notebook is full of drawings and senseless scribbles. I don’t participate in class discussions either; unless it’s a graded recitation. And my books are as good a new after the semester has ended. I go to school merely for compliance — compliance with minimum requirements that is; to pass my exams and get the required attendance — and in the end being regarded as an insult to my studious classmates. :)) oh, I also watch anime  while a boring professor who’s not worthy of my respect is blabbering in front. >:]

Two things, I’m one hell of a delinquent and school is so damn boring for me. I mean, dealing with numbers the whole day and listening to incoherent lectures, who won’t get bored?

But maybe school would be much more exciting for me should it be like this:


A test from a Japanese “English” class, strangely includes atypical names that would only be familiar to fans of Code Geass and Gundam 00." Source: Sankaku

AHAHAHA! Should school be like that always, I would not be a delinquent. yosh! XDDD Imagine using your favorite characters or anime in explaining mind-cracking notions and seeing names and anime puns in your homework… :3 I used this once in one of my talks [yes, I do speeches and I used to teach leadership to my kohais]; I think I used Luffy in one of my examples of what a leader should be. XD I can never forget how their faces lightened up after hearing me talk about Luffy. XD To hell with John Maxwell’s example, they could not possibly relate to someone they never heard of.  :))

Now, if you’re thinking of how a delinquent like me be qualified to teach leadership to kids, don’t ask; it’s a long story. X)

I’ve observed the worst and best of Philippine education and I’m glad that teachers today are flexible and they try their hard to get eveyrone interested in what they’re teaching, and anime-ification of school can be quite an interesting way of achieving this. XDDD

I just had my taxation exam earlier and I basically crammed the studying yesterday night. XD that’s a delinquent for you. I was glued to my study desk ’til dawn, or was rather like drowned in a sea of paper — notes, powerpoint handouts, and a pile of quizzers photocopied from several books. Typical cram studying setting, I must say. But why in hell would studying be bloody, literally? I’m quite marveled myself either [by my carelessness]. lol My hand suffered multiple injuries caused by papers. :)) paper cut, that is. This occurs when the edge of a paper or other thin sharp material slices a person’s skin. No matter how cute their name may sound, they’re painful, awfully painful [period].

I sustained roughly 10 cuts for the duration of my studying, with the pile of newly photocopied quizzers as the cause. lol jo dan. it would be more appropriate to say with my extreme carelessness as the cause.

So I came to school with my hand full of bandages — to prevent the further opening of the wounds. And God, they’re soring [until now]. ;_;

After few hell days of exams, quizzes and random academic sufferings, here I am suffering from a fever. Rebound effect perhaps or fatigue. Darn exams; monster professors; accounting shits… I hope I’ll recover soon, coz I’ll have to study for another exam scheduled this Wednesday, then for the other exam on Sunday, that will be followed by another f**ing exam the following Sunday.

I told you, I’m cursed. :)) I wonder how far my body can take this torture.

About the title of this post, I quoted that from Julia Roberts. Don’t ask how a person who knows nothing about showbiz got that. just don’t.