This anime and manga a poison to the world drama started with Dr. Ethel Quayle a psychology lecturer  in University of Cork (Ireland) publishing works exposing the evils of the internet against children — basically porn-bashing, which were embraced by UNICEF to fuel their campaign against child abuse and promotion of child welfare blah blah blah.

So there came UNICEF crashing in Japan, demanding ban of school swimwear in animus to complete loli-ban late last year. And recently, the unsatisfied impatient UNICEF ambassador to Japan, Agnes Chan, presented the government with a petition to ban lolis in anime signed by 114,624 signatures (lol,  lolicons can easily throw away that petition with their multitude). It’s quite obvious why they’re doing this — through loli-centered anime showing lolis in sexual poses can turn admiration to fetish then to a possible crime [only minimal logic is needed to understand].

The otakudom says, punish the crime not the fetish. Liking 2D loli characters isn’t pedophilia. If you add sexual desire over the 3D s then that’s pedophilia. This is the same as liking GAR movies being different from actually hurting or killing people. Instead accusing Japan for making the world into lolicon child abusers, they say, why not focus their [UNICEF] attention to the child guerillas and the starving in Africa or the real child pornographers. Or might as well alternatively “crash: to these countries for their loli-ban is a fail.

UN Statistics for 2000: Rapes per 100,000 people:

Canada 78.08 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned
Australia 77.79 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga De Jure Banned
USA 32.05 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned (Constitutionally Invalid)
Sweden 24.47 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga Banned
UK 16.23 “Simple Possession”, Loli Manga, BDSM to be Banned
France 14.36 “Simple Possession”
S. Korea 12.98 “Simple Possession”
Germany 9.12 “Simple Possession”
Russia 4.78
Taiwan 4.08
Japan 1.78 “Simple Possession” (Just introduced)

*Third column contains the anti-loli laws in place for each country

More statistics at Sankaku Complex.

I won’t comment, since this is a pretty sensitive issue. I’ll leave the judgement to you. And this is filed under news section for crying out loud.


This is really funny guys. lol-tastic! fu~ and oh yeah, if your a lolicon, you’ll enjoy this more. XD

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