and so our flight was moved to tomorrow *sigh*

anyway, as usual, I blindly browse nico nico pages for great videos and I found these.

Lucky Star Haruhi OP Parody

isn’t that awesome, amazing, wonderful, blah blah blah?!!! I applaud the maker for his/her amazing efforts in making that vid. /orz

it becomes more amazing when you watch the comparison video.  haha.

Magnet [Vocaloid craze]

it’s a new song; and people ahs made a lot of duet versions of it. here are three of those:

Kagamine Len and Rin

Shion Kaito and Kamui Gakupo

Megurine Luka and Hatsune Miku

you can find the other renditions here:

got to this page for mp3 download links for these songs:



a well-made MAD. they say it’s cute, demo… just watch it yourself. XD

I found a MAD while Nico-ing last night dedicated to Kyou Fujibayashi of Clannad. It’s sooooo sad, and the song fits the theme well. makes everyone want to cry.  T^T T^T

anyway, just wanna share you this

lyrics and song DL link below.


Just some interesting vids I stumbled upon while lurking in Nico Nico.

watch out for Tsukasa’s solo part; it’s a win! XD

hmmm… a good original video for this vocaloid song.

now that reminds me of Tissue-hime. (>^o^)>

She’s a bassist who has recorded a lot of videos showing her do several songs like God Knows. Quite your decent bassist and some boxes of tissues. oh, she’s a Nagato fan so expect her to be wearing Nagato’s seifuku in all her vids. XD Here’s one:

You can find Tissue-hime’s videos here:


I still have exams later. ;_;

Source:  Sankaku Complex

Original video uploaded in Nico Nico Douga.