I apologize for failing to update the lists and any other posts here that frigging needs to be updated.

As you have read or observed, I’m on a blogging hiatus for some weeks now [damn studies *sulks*] coz of my professors who know nothing but to bombard us with boring projects, 5 to 8-hour exams and a pile of case studies [I should have just taken another course. my life would have been better *despair*]. And the academic year will end in three weeks, so everything just becomes hell for us. well, that’s basically the reason.

Based on my schedule for the month, things will stabilize by the end of this week [I just hope].

I promise to keep you posted.

I just need some time to deal with my studies seriously.

oh, before I go back to my studying, i’d like to thank mistah-bullshido-san for taking “care” of this blog while I was away. “care” might not be the right term, but it is in a sense. XD

EDIT~ March 4

I updated the lists — specifically Spring and Summer. ^^