Man, is this even big news? At first they made the website disappear, before the end of 2007, to incite the fans speculation of which story will be animated for the second series, plus the pictures of a long-haired Haruhi that added more spark to the excitement of fans. For those who failed to catch that epic event, the website “disappeared” December 18 of year 2007, displaying a false error message “The page cannot be found” then a second message appears above the “error” message saying that a program is starting up and prompts the user to enter KNSAK, the password to the said program. Once entered and sent, another terminal appears and message from YUKI.N flashes saying that emergency escape has been found and calls for the user to press the enter key to proceed. Then a new page shows with Yuki and a list of production staffs of the new series. This event hinted to the fans that they will animate “The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya” — the 4th in the light novel volumes.

Oh, I remember there’s also this  Konata magazine ad  about the disappearance of the website. [see pic below].

After one long year of wait, finally another teaser promising no definite date as to when the second series will air. LOL At least the page says, the details of the second series are due in Newtype’s March issue.

Just now, another newspaper confirmed that there will be a second series for the anime, promising no details either.

They sure are making fans die of disgruntlement.

I guess, we have nothing else to do but wait and rant while waiting. :)) Let’s see if they’ll really release the details of the second series in Newtype’s  March issue and put an end to this seemingly hopeless wait.


kyaah.. more fangirl material! lol. yes, there is a second season La Corda fans.

Source: ANN –– La Corda D’Oro ~secondo passo~ TV Special Confirmed

La Corda DOro ~secondo passo~ new characters

La Corda D'Oro ~secondo passo~ new characters

more bishounens! kya! *faints* lol

but the manga is not finished yet, so be prepared to die of disgruntlement for the second time. haha.

and it’s violin is to violin. :D

just to share our conversation in our IRC channel earlier about secondo passo:

<%Fumino> meron ring second season ang la corda d’oro. haha. fangirl material. XD
<+dango-daikazoku> O_O
<+dango-daikazoku> yung maraming pretty boys?
[<%Fumino> uu
<+dango-daikazoku> kill me
<%Fumino> ahaha
<+tohru-chan> haha…
<+tohru-chan> dnt u like la corda d’ oro dango?
<+dango-daikazoku> my whole MANLINESS was shaken
<+AbbeDesot> lol
<+tohru-chan> XD
<+dango-daikazoku> everytime makita ko sa animax ang ad.. i squeal in agony

Oh yah, after  Gundam 00 episode 10 lastt ime in TV Tokyo, the teaser for FMA second season aired. :D The trailer goes this way:  “New training … a fullmetal artificial limb, a body of armor … the brothers’ journey begins. Fullmetal Alchemist: April 2009 Training. In this palm, is there hope or despair?” But why “a body of armor?” Al regained his body in season 1. :O and in the movie, they are both trapped in the human world, how could they go back to the other side? haha. I thought the movie ends the story, but maybe it does end the story, and the second season is just a longer version of the movie. fu~ Who gets Winry is what interests me the most. :3

FMA Second Season Teaser. Get teased. gaah. XD

FMA Second Season Teaser. Get teased. gaah. XD

Source: ANN — New Fullmetal Alchemist TV Anime to Premiere in April (Update 2)

Two animu already in my Spring 2009 watch list!