it’s in here:

the single has 4 tracks, ripped at 192kbits.

credits to mistah_bullshido for sharing the link and beatslars for uploading the single.

sorry for the short post. I’m actually pretty sleepy atm. oyasumi.



Thank you mistah_bullshido-san for sharing this file!

I had to make the other post, where mistah_bullshido-san shared the link, private coz it has served its purpose, so I have to make this new one. I hope you don’t mind mistah_bullshido-san if I made this post.

Here you go, the download link to our much awaited full version of Trust You by Yuna Ito [Gundam 00 season 2 second ED]

– gomen, I can’t find a 320. 256 is the best that I can find in the leech sites. let’s just wait for the release of the single for the 320 and the FLACs.


everyone, give mistah_bullshido a hug. heehee.. for providing the direct download links. ^^


Hana wa kaze ni yureodoru you ni
Ame wa daichi wo uruosu you ni
Kono sekai wa yorisoiai ikiteru no ni
Naze hito wa kizutsukeau no?
Naze wakare wa otozureru no?


I’ve been waiting for this since weeks ago. X3

Download links:

Script [.ASS] here. Only my second time subbing. XD

Also I’m working on a subbed  Final Fantasy XIII trailer in HD.

I don’t have time to be talking a lot right now [I still have exams later >.<], but what can I say… the new ED is simple, emo-ic, orangy [or orangey] and cute. XD

Here, some screenshots:

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket

Orange [Toradora! 2nd ED] Single

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

Download links:

  1. Orange
  2. Koi Kurage
  3. Orange [Instrumental]
  4. Koi Kurage [Instrumental]

I was downloading random singles earlier when I came upon this song [Hitohira no Hanabira] the 17th ED of Bleach by Stereopony. It’s pretty catchy. “It’s actually great,” my brother commented.

Undoubtedly, they are good. I’m looking forward to this band’s future singles, already. fu~ (>^o^)>

Now my mind is flooded with questions like: Is this the next big band in Japan? Will Bleach make another successful band/artist after Aqua Timez, UVERworld, Youhna, YUI, etc? XD But my thinking only led me to dango’s old question, why do long-running animus always get great OPs and EDs? (~_~)

so let me just give you this:




Band Members:

  • Nohana (Born Shimabara, Nagasaki on September 16, 1989) – Bass Guitar
  • Aimi (Born Naha, Okinawa on September 4, 1990) – Lead guitar/lead vocals
  • Shiho (Born Nago, Okinawa on October 18, 1990) – Drums

Discography [only two singles as of now; the band is pretty new]

  • “Hitohira no Hanabira” (ヒトヒラのハナビラ) (2008.11.05)
  • “Namida no Mukou” (泪の向こう) (2009.02.11)

Get to know more of them here: Stereopony Official Website


Download Hitohira no Hanabira

I refrain [as much as possible] from publicly distributing copyrighted materials coz my law professors will kill me get depressed for failing epically in their job, but you can download Hitohira no Hanabira single through the following links. ^^ [just this time, my dear law professors] XDDD

01. Hitohira no Hanabira

02. Nyaamii

03. Yuukan na Funny Friends

04. Hitohira no Hanabira [instrumental]