I originally created this blog to share direct download links for animus I like. But after a two-month hiatus I realized I am a student who has to take exams and pass her subjects before anything else, so this blog became just an avenue for my random rants and fabulous finds — all related to animu.

But then again, people kept asking me what’s in the <insert an animu season here> line-up, so I made the animu line-ups section. Basically I just have to friggin’ understand Moon Phase animu list and check ANN and other animu blogs for new confirmations. Now if you ask why you don’t have this info in your line-ups or why <insert animu here> isn’t in the list, go ask someone else to do that for you, I’ll update the list when I have time and I don’t plan to serve indolent humans. I provide a list and if you want to know more about that animu, google it.

Well that’s basically everything about this blog. Feel free to steal the contents of this blog even without giving me credits to it, I don’t really give a damn.

4 years later…

No more animu updates. I’ll just share what I want here. But still no serving indolent humans. :)


13 Responses to “About this blog”

  1. Anoody Says:

    I would like to ask you what is the name of the anime in the header, please?

    Thank you

    1. Renette Says:

      (To the above comment)I’m sort of wondering about that myself. xD

  2. Anoody Says:

    Thank you a lot for replying

  3. theone23 Says:

    Hey there Fumino,
    Great blog, but I noticed that your thumbnails of shows for your Spring of 09 lineup page seem to have exceeded bandwidth.

    Might I recommend switching to a different image hosting service that will not limit the bandwidth of your pictures?

    Recommendation: ImageDash.com is fast(very), free, and has simple web 2.0 interface. I, as many others, use this all the time :) Give it a shot!

    1. Fumino Says:

      thanks. I’m using imageshack now. but I’ll try imagedash. ^^ thanks

  4. toxic_trance Says:

    Hey! after reading some f your posts, it turns out that you are an Indian. I hope I am right. Where do you live?? Plus its quite amazing that a girl is interested in the Saber Lily Avalon PVC. I just booked it under pre-order yesterday. Think I was the last guy who did that in HLJ. Hope I get the fifure

    Neway sweet blog. Will keep checking this place :)

  5. mistah_bullshido Says:

    wow, didn’t know you were Indian..

    Hope to see you blog another series this fall :)

  6. Fumino Says:

    i’m not indian. XD

    @mistah_bullshido-san: hmm… i don’t think i can be as active in blogging as before. i’m graduating and i need to prepare for the board exams soon. I actually only have Monday as my rest day — which I expect to be allotted for studying, homework and group work. so in effect i don’t have a single free day in a week starting next semester. ;_;

  7. Emily Says:

    I know a few songs, I downloaded every single song, so I think you don’t have these. Sorry if you do, though.

    Circle You, Circle You
    Trick or Treat
    Fear Garden

    Hope this helps! ^u^

  8. Such an enjoyable read, and fantastic comments

  9. Undead-Walker Says:

    Damn. I arrived too late. Looks like everyone left years ago. It was still an interesting read, including the comments.

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